Why do Black Folks Love People Who Hate Them and want to Destroy Them?
By Xavier James

"Love your enemies as you do yourself," is a very self serving passage in the Bible. These statements were used to keep slaves thinking about life in heaven instead of bashing their master’s heads in here on earth. Can you believe Black people are still naming their children after George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson?

Black entertainers, especially rappers are always rapping and praising people that can’t stand their asses. They shamelessly endorse the products made by people who openly hate them. And they do it for free! These new Negroes won’t rap about or promote Black owned businesses but they make videos, endorse and contribute to the wealth, aspirations and power of racist Whites who have practically said they hated them.

Rapper Jay-z and his partner Damon Dash named their record company after John D. Rockefeller. Rockefeller funded eugenics programs as well as the work of Eugen Fischer who was notorious for putting Black folks in concentration camps and experimenting on them in Hitler’s Germany. In fact, Hitler got some of his eugenics and extermination ideas from Rockefeller, Carnegie, Margaret Sanger and their whole click. New York’s Rockefeller Drug Laws, implemented to destroy Black families, are the result of the Rockefeller’s hatred of Blacks. They might as well have named it “Columbus Records.”

The owners of Timberland Boots received tens of millions of dollars worth of free publicity from the hip-hop community. After years of free marketing they said they never wanted or meant for Black folks to buy or wear their boots. But they said it after Black folks made them one of the richest shoe companies in the world. They didn’t say thank you Black people. Instead they basically said ‘go screw yourselves.’ Go ahead and try to get your money back; you can’t. One rapper, producer even named himself after the racist company. How stupid was that? And guess what? A lot of Black folks still buy their boots today. Go figure.

I still hear Negroes rapping, singing, laughing, dancing and boot licking; (we're talking about major Song of the South buffoonery here people) about Cristal Champagne. My God, at one point I thought every rapper who lived in America had stock in the company the way they were endorsing it. All because they wanted to be seen drinking what the rich White folks were drinking. I challenge anybody to name another company in history that’s received more free advertising and endorsements from Black folks then Cristal. In movies (especially bootlegs), videos, magazines, parties, after parties and baptisms, this expensive brand was praised. It's been endlessly endorsed in probably thousands of rap songs. Rappers and actors would raise their glasses and give shout outs to Cristal every chance they got. Then “Boom” guess what? We come to find out they don’t like your black asses either. Jay-Z immediately wanted to boycott the company; yeah right. Too late for that. Of course the tens of millions of dollars in sales over the years aren’t going back into the Black community.

I mean, if you're going to work for free why not help your own people? All Black singers, rappers, athletes and actors should be promoting Black owned and operated businesses; giving shout outs every chance they get. I don't care if its a mom and pop store out in the boondocks or your cousin Nay Nay's sewing jeans in her basement. The power of media marketing and endorsements by Blacks have made countless White owned businesses filthy rich. Black celebrities are the main ones who either don't know or don't care to use their own power or potential for the greater good. I’ve never heard White singers or actors endorsing any products someone hasn’t already paid them to promote. But Go listen to what Little Wayne, Rick Ross, Jeezy or Nicki Minaj are wearing and rapping about right now. And its all White owned and operated businesses; Cavasier, Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, Louis Vuitton, FENDI and Gucci. It’s been almost 30 years and these Negroes still haven’t learned. Taken from




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