By Xavier James


If you watch one documentary this year make sure it's one of these.

1. African History v/s Biblical Myth-  One of Ashra Kwesi's best presentations. He leaves you with overwhelming evidence and documentation to back it up. In this fascinating lecture/documentary, Kwesi leaves no stone unturned and removes any doubt about the origin of Christianity.

a.) The Naked Truth- A lot of "African-Americans" won't believe anything unless its coming from a white man. So, let them tell you what a lot of white folks have known for centuries.

b.)Zeitgeist- Documentary in three parts uncovering unbelievable lies and propaganda about religion, politics and power; a must see!

2. Maafa 21: 21st Century Genocide-  You're going to be shocked to find out what the number one killer of black folks in America is. You'll also be shocked to find out who's behind it all.

a.) John Hopkins Hospital; a history of genocide against blacks- Two dynamic young brothers step forward and present miles of evidence documenting the atrocities committed and hidden by John Hopkins hospital and University. It could literally save your life!

3. Black Inventors and their Patents- Its not just hearsay they actually owned the patents. Once you see and hear their stories it will become clear why your teacher had to lie to you.

4. The Black Wall Street- This documentary reveals another one of white Americas closely guarded secrets; the malicious bombing and meticulous cover up of an all black economic empire in Tulsa Oklahoma.

5. Goodbye Uncle Tom-This unbelievable docu-drama was banned in America since 1973. If you think violence erupted when Roots and Mississippi Burning came out, Imagine what would have happened if Black folks had seen this. The French directors used the actual diaries,captains logs, articles and books of that era to bring your slave masters back to life. Unbelievable!

a.) 500 Years Later- A well guided and directed documentary on the 500 years since the European kidnappings and enslavement. Also covers myths, lies and propaganda and extends a road map for the future. A great inspirational documentary for us all.

6. Ethnic Notions-  Did you ever wonder where the watermelon eating 'Coon' and 'Sambo' came from? Hosted by Ester Rolle (Good Times) this documentary examines how early  the white racist media took control of black images and tried to destroy them.

7. Africans in America before Columbus- This hard to find underground documentary includes interviews and insight from Dr. John Henrik Clark, Dr. Ivan Van Sertima And Dr.Yosef ben-Jochannan among others.

8. How to De-Activate the Willie Lynch Chip- Dr. Ray Hagins explains the Willie Lynch Syndrome and how to break it. Excellent lecture.

9. The Isis Papers- Dr. Frances Cress Welsing puts some of her groundbreaking book into a lecture. The trained and certified psychiatrist analyzes the collective patterns of  racism and what makes white America tick.

10. Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome- Following in the path blazed by Dr. Welsing, Dr. Joy Degreary also puts her groundbreaking book into a lecture to help us see patterns of thought and actions that has to be diagnosed in order to be cured.

11. Powernomics: The National Plan to Empower Black America- is a five-year plan to make Black America a prosperous and empowered race that is self-sufficient and competitive as a group.

12. The Death of Black America: Health Matters- Indeed health does matter. You're health is all  you've got. And Dr. Laila Afrika gives us a sobering look at what we've been putting into our bodies and how its slowly but surely killing us.

a.) You're Leaders Betrayed You: The Cure for Cancer, Sickle Cell and A.I.D.S- Dr. Sebi, the world renowned  healer has cured several ailments with his Electric Cell Food. Reversing illnesses such as : Cancer, Herpes, H.I.V, Diabetes, Aids, High Blood Pressure, Blindness, Fibroids etc. Believe it or not; everything is worth a try when you're out of options.

13. The African Origin of Civilization and Spiritual Concepts- Yet Another excellent Ashra Kwezi joint. Kwezi takes us back to where it all began and shows documented proof (evidence) of where theology and spiritual concepts started.

14.  Marcus Garvey- An in depth documentary about the man who started the biggest, organized black power movement in America.

a.) Malcolm X- Yeah, the Spike Lee Joint.

b.) Emit Till; The Untold Story-Do you want to know what really sparked the Civil rights Movement? Well it wasn't Rosa Parks.

c.) Unforgivable Blackness: The Rise and Fall of Jack Johnson- The one black man in America who could not be lynched. Excellent documentary about the greatest boxer of all time.

15.  The Korean Takeover-Just how do the Asians manage to keep blacks on economic lock down?

a.) Good Hair- Chris Rock's satirical look at Black women and their hair.

16. It's a Dam Shame: Homosexuality in Hip-Hop- This here documentary goes straight for the jugular!

17. Dr. Khalid Muhammad on Donahue/Dr. Francis Cress Welsing on Donahue- If you want to see warrior -scholars in action check them out. They're both battling racism on the world stage...two different styles result; controversy and truth.

18. John Henrik Clarke - A Great and Mighty Walk - I'm a big fan of this master teacher and this video chronicles the life and times of the noted African-American historian, scholar and Pan-African activist John Henrik Clarke (1915-1998).

19. Professor Griff Raw Uncut Exposing The Music Industry/Hollywood- Professor Griff DVD exposing mind control, the music Industry, Hollywood and Illuminati members.

a.) Collapse-A documentary on Michael Ruppert, a police officer turned independent reporter who predicted the current financial crisis in his self-published newsletter, 'From the Wilderness'. Ruppert was also the guy who told on the CIA drug rings and said his former LAPD Colleague’s killed Rapper Biggie Smalls. Contains a lot of good info.

20. The Spook Who Sat By The Door- Yeah, I know it's not a documentary but it damn well should be. It's yet another movie the government tried to ban. I wonder why?

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The Social Politics of Homosexuality,
Religion and Race

By Xavier James

This in-depth study delivers a power punch of history and facts.
Known for his controversial editorials, essays and articles, researcher and scholar Xavier James explains how and why we think the way we’ve been programmed to think and behave.  

What secrets have the homosexual hierarchy been hiding from us? Who created God and where did he go? Why does race and color still dominate our society? Many of the biggest frauds, misconceptions, myths and outright lies are exposed in this much overdue book.