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Does Your Wife's Grandfather have Prune Belly Syndrome

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By Xavier James


Some time ago, I went to an insane asylum to visit a relative. The reason he was in there was for Alzheimers disease. You’ll be surprised how few facilities are willing to take Alzheimer’s patents without a truckload of money. White supremacists gave Native Americans Alzheimer’s so that we would forget who we are and what we owned- to consequently steal our land.



During my visit I was approached by an ailing white man who looked like he had a pillow stuffed beneath his shirt. He wanted to be in the room with my family and I because he was lonely and no one ever came to visit him. But no matter how many times the nurses would run him away he’d show back up at our door. He was in the asylum for attempted suicides and depression. Long story short, he told me that he had Prune Belly Syndrome. And just like you, I’d never heard of it.


But when he lifted his shirt I was literally horrified at the sight. It wasn’t a pillow under his shirt but instead a grossly deformed stomach. He said that aside from the disfigurement, his penis shriveled up and nearly went back inside him. “G*d Dam… WTF”…my inner voice was screaming. He was orphaned as a child because his parents didn’t want him. But that wasn’t the reason why he was in the facility.


It seems that against the odds, this gentleman was able to have a son and his drug addicted girlfriend was so messed up on crack and meth, that the state took the boy. That’s what led to the man’s suicide attempts. At the time, I wondered what type of woman would be able to maintain a relationship or even have consensual sex with a man with his type of deformity. The answer was; a crack addicted whore who wanted his disability check.


This child who has become a ward of the state, will likely never know that his father had Prune Belly Syndrome, and he could possibly pass it on to his own son. Meanwhile, the first unsuspecting black woman he comes across will receive that lethal seed!


Are there genetic diseases in your woman’s bloodline? Does she have an uncle with Prune Belly Syndrome? If your wife is white; you’d better check and see. Because your mixed children may inherit it. Yeah, its one of many, many EUROPEAN DISEASES white supremacist don’t speak on and don’t want black folks to talk about. And just because I’m warning you now, they’ll say–“Xavier James is racist.” No, it’s racist for them to try and stop me from warning you because they feel shame and a sudden inferiority.


Real talk: Before you marry a white woman (or man) find out her genetic background, first! It’s not about racism…it’s about genetics!


I’ve seen a surge in inter-marriages lately and I predicted that climb would occur years ago. But some of you dummies just don’t get it. I’ve been documenting study after study over the last several years that show a rise in genetic disease- mutations in EUROPEANS (WHITES). And that’s real talk not RACISM. Main stream media has been covering it up.


There was a reason some white folks put their children into orphanages. There was a reason Charles Lindbergh claimed his son was kidnapped and killed. They considered them deformed, ill-formed or what white folks called “retarded”, an embarrassment- a shame upon the family.


Where do you think rich white folks keep the children they don’t want you and other white folks to see? In asylums; mostly mental institutions. Use common sense; you usually only see what they call “poor white trash” wheeling their kids around. Unless you thought rich white folks didn’t have ill-formed, mentally ill or handicapped children, you’re not thinking. Yeah they do; you just don’t know about them because they still hide them as they’ve always done.


Then, here you come with your low self esteem and coon mentality dying to marry yourself a white woman- hoping to gain social status- and BOOM!  Your child inherits a genetic disease you’re not ready for. Some sh*t you never heard of and didn’t even know was possible!


It’s amazing how many birth defects white folks are born with. Something I never hear them talk about. And now, their own scientists are saying its getting worse! That’s when I first figured out the spike in mixed marriages is to cleanse the bloodline and try to gain healthy children. By marrying black folks, white folks hope the dominant African genes take the diseases out of their bloodlines. And they’re not telling the black men or women they’re sexing the genealogical risks.


The problem is that it’s not always successful. And now you’re seeing black folks with diseases you never, ever heard of. You Negroes better wake the hell up!




Eugenics, Sterilization and Planned Parenthood
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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

White Males Using Black Women to Clean Their Bloodlines

White Males are Using Black Women to Clean Their Blood Lines; tell Venus and Serena Williams to Stay on the Pill





By Xavier James


Oh, it’s the Native you love to hate with more shocking info for that A$$. And as you already know, I’m always exposing the secrets white supremacists want to keep hidden.


When a man of European descent gets involved with a black woman, that black woman often feels special; like she’s been upgraded. White supremacists have made black women feel so low that their only redemption can come from being in the bed of a white man. White men know this all too well. And as a result, they’re going after the black women hard. But sometimes it has absolutely nothing to do with love; but more so- with basic genetic code. HERE ARE THE FACTS:


NBC NEWS REPORTED: ‘Study Shows surge of Bad Disease Genes in Europeans’ Wednesday November 28th, 2012


If a white male has Lou Gehrig's Disease (ALS) in his family he stands a high chance of passing it on to his child. If he marries a white woman, his likelihood of having a child with Lou Gehrig's Disease remains unchanged. But if he has a child with someone of African descent, his chances decrease significantly! Got It?


Africans and Native Americans didn’t have diseases until they made contact with whites; period. Its one of the bigger secrets white supremacists have been hiding from you. The dark ages of Europe only happened in Europe. It was filled with death and disease until the moors (Africans) arrived.


*(Find out what happened in the Fiji and Hawaiian Islands when white folks arrived; they infected so many women with venereal diseases it’s likely they still haven’t recovered to this day!


Most white men are not revealing their families diseases to these black women because they don’t want to scare them off. Don’t take my word for it DO YOUR RESEARCH!

White scientists love getting money for their frivolous studies but you’ve never, ever seen or even heard talk of a study to find out about white disease getting into black bloodlines.


 Now, some of you know black folks who have children with white diseases and you say “well, what about them?” First, I didn’t say they wouldn’t get white diseases I said it significantly reduces the odds. Second, check the grandparents and great grandparents and I’ll guarantee one of them was white.


 See, this information outright debunks any white supremacist notion- of a white superior race. You can’t be superior to anybody if you’re the one spreading all the diseases. Native Americans didn’t get Polio or Crohns Disease-not until they started having children by Europeans. Whey do you think Mulatto (mixed) children almost always get the majority of the black parents DNA? Because they completely crush the European genes. Again, is that superior?


Take Venus and Serena Williams; their championship genes are likely going to die with them. They both are now dating white males who came along at the height of their success. Those white males were nowhere to be found when they were being discriminated against; but they will benefit from the foundation of success the girl’s father had laid down for them. It’s also one of the many ways white supremacists take money out of the black community. Black women can love any man they want. But before you spread your legs, get the facts!


“European-Americans (white folks) have developed a huge batch of potentially harmful genetic mutations – many more than African-Americans.”

-From the University of Washington in Seattle Study


Their bloodline and athletic, African D.N.A. will change the second that white sperm fertilizes their eggs. It’s not theory but scientific fact. The first reason you know Michael Jackson’s white children aren’t his is because none of them have any talent at all; period. And they’re taking all of his money and giving it to white folks.  


If I’m lying, I’m flying; go look at the NBA and you’ll notice the more chocolate brothers hold all the records. Now, our light skin brothers do their thing but notice the darker the melanin, the more powerful the athlete. There are more Michael Jordans’, Lebron James’ and Magic Johnsons’ then there are Charles Barkleys’ and Reggie Millers’ in the history books. Take a look at all your chocolate boxers and football players. Hell, how many Africans have won the Boston Marathon? Get it.


Bottom line: The black woman has a right to know the odds of having a disabled child will increase with European mixture. She needs to be made aware that she is a target. This has been going on for decades; if not centuries. You increase disease in your bloodline by having children by WHITE MEN PERIOD. And I’d challenge anybody to prove anything to the contrary.

Jesse Owens Shut White supremacists

Adolf Hitler down in the 1936 Olympic games.

Genes don’t matter huh?


White supremacists check the genetics of sperm donors and are checking I.Q., criminal background, education levels, sexually transmitted diseases, etc. But black women should not find out what’s in the sperm that’s going between their legs? OUTRAGIOUS! And you think I’m not going to warn my people? OUTRAGIOUS! 


*Check Out: Sperm Donor never told his 24 kids about his Fatal, Genetic Illness at: TheDailyMail.Com


*Check Out: New York Times article: Sperm Donors more likely to carry more genetic diseases then anyone else.


They’re not telling the sperm labs and they won’t tell black women either. It’s predominately white males donating all that sperm. Several studies concluded that European (white) viruses are evolving and mutating. Yeah, like the walking dead!



Find out what’s good!


The Secret Behind Dead and Missing Black Americans: Where are they? Who took them and why?
by Xavier James


Eugenics, Sterilization and Planned Parenthood
by Xavier James