Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Sandra Bland Died in Custody Fighting White Supremacists

I Figured Out How the Black Woman in Texas

Died in Police Custody-tell her Family


By Xavier James

White supremacists are not smarter then you. They’re just irrevocably evil. And honestly, I only watched the video a couple of times. Here’s my conclusion:


The white supremacist cop who beat down Sandra Bland caused her death. On the video you can hear her tell the cop, ‘you’re a big man for slamming my head to the ground- when I got EPILEPSY.’ When they put her into that jail cell, the head trauma and physical attack she received from the cop, over time, triggered an EPILEPTIC fit; especially if it was untreated and she didn’t have her medicine. Extreme stress also pushes the body to an extreme level. The very last time the guards checked on her, it’s more likely then not, she had that blank look on her face people often have before the onset of a fit or seizure.


That’s why you can hear the guard ask her if she was alright. She probably died from a fit or seizure because no one checked on her the entire time she was seizing. Upon finding her dead, the police knew they had another Freddy Gray situation on their hands. So they took the plastic bag (from a trash can that they found in the hallway and wasn’t supposed to be in her cell) and made up this ridiculous lie between them. They hope this suicide lie would exonerate them of all culpability.


Sandra Bland had a big, confident smile that she shared with the world. Honestly, she died standing up to white supremacy. White supremacists are attacking black women like they did during slavery and segregation. Will you not fight to live?


The Missing: What happened to all the people no one ever finds? by Xavier James

The Missing: What happened to all the people no one ever finds?
by Xavier James



Friday, July 17, 2015

Urgent Message:

Image result for racists on computersImage result for racists on computers
By Xavier James

Urgent Message: There are groups of white supremacists trolling black sites in an attempt to block sales and stop the needed information from going forward. They are posting negative comments and slanderous remarks. The Europeans who own these sites are not doing anything to stop this trolling and I'd dare say are complicit in their actions. To off-set this, (at least a little) start posting the below message in the description area of your books, videos and other items for sale: 

Warning: There are internet trolls, imposters and racists stalking black authors in an attempt to stop black folks from receiving vital information. It is also done to block their book or video sales. Be advised: The slanderous reviews or comments you may be reading are the result of these trolls and white supremacist groups, and not real buyers. Seek knowledge for yourself. Do not rely on racists to tell you what you should and should not be purchasing.

We're fighting them over there, so we won't have to fight them over here

Image result for 4 marines killedImage result for 4 marines killed

By Xavier James

"We're fighting them over there, so we won't have to fight them over here." I bet you will never, ever again hear those words come out of a white supremacist's mouth. I think we all remember that nonsense. We've been fighting them over here for a while, but after those four marines, now everybody knows it. You don't remember those three beheadings across America that took place over the last 14 months? And to think these same government officials want to attack Iran! If not for Obama we'd have to watch out for them next. And remember, the Republicans are not going to fight or send their children; they're going to send you and yours.

Solution: Stop bombing these people and talk. Don't bomb their women and children; talk.
Soon, America is going to be just like Israel: Armed, Scared live in hostages; with tanks and armed soldiers walking the streets.

Image result for 4 marines killed
To keep the public dumbed down, white supremacists
will say the shooter was disgruntled and not a terrorist.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

America's Date Rape Dad Will Probably Kill Himself

Image result for bill cosby net worthImage result for bill cosby net worth

By Xavier James

Oh my God...the pain....the pain.... that a house Negro must feel when his master turns his back on him, must be unbearable. And not just any lap dog. We're talking about the master's prize pet: Bill Cosby. You saw Bill's wide smile and tale waging when George W. Bush put that metal around his neck. And now white supremacists want President Obama to take that metal back. Bill Cosby's bad lawyers did a horrible job by not advising him to- shut up and don't answer the question about buying Quaaludes to give to women. The lesson here: Don't put all your trust in your lawyer. Think for yourself. Or else you'll end up as one of America's Dumbest Criminals -like Dr. Bill Cosby.

Now, white supremacist- psychiatrists are saying that Bill Cosby has a mental disorder called Somnophilia  (you know they'll make up a name in a minute) or Sleeping Beauty Syndrome. That's a person who is aroused by someone who is unconscious. I think that aside from his rapist pathology, Bill may have just been a man with an unusually small penis and didn't want women to see him naked. You know John Wayne had the same problem.

Even President Obama basically called him a rapist. And I don't believe he can take the pressure much longer. The threat of arrest and white supremacists trying to take back all the money they gave him, will take it's toll. I think he's going to kill himself. Honestly, they just want their money back. They don't want it to go to his family where it may end up in the black community. After fifty years of bootlicking and buck-dancing the master has come for his slaves money.

When white supremacists set you up with money, it's only a loan. Negroes fool themselves into thinking that its actually theirs. If you make money on your own without a master; that's your dough; spend it wisely. But when you serve the will of white supremacists, sometimes you may actually have to give that devil his due.

Image result for queen noir 1979
Victims say Bill Cosby was Obsessed
with Queen Noor of  Jordan and
wanted them to look like her.
Shrinks say every woman he
raped he pretended it was actually her.

Image result for bill cosby net worth
 His Masters, after years of
loyal service, threw him to the dogs.

America's Date Rape Dad: Why Bill Cosby did It and Why America didn't give a Damn by Xavier James
America's Date Rape Dad: Why Bill Cosby did It
and Why America didn't give a Damn
by Xavier James

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Obama Getting Under Their Skin

Image result for obama

President Obama is like an unstoppable Juggernaut. And just seeing the face of  white supremacist's who have been trying to stop him, makes me laugh.

He just closed a deal with Iran. White supremacists wanted to go to war and send your black AS**SS over there to fight. But this deal put the brakes on that. Before this deal, Obama's trade deal passed. And now he's about to visit a federal prison and give a speech on incarceration. Dude just signed to release dozens of black folks from prison who had non-violent drug offenses. And I love that whole Cuba thing; I'm going soon. G*d-d*m....I think that Obama is going to surprise a lot of people.

Is the Mexican Cartel Really Coming After Trump?

By Xavier James

Would you give a flying f*ck if the Mexicans killed Donald Trump? I sure as hell wouldn't. It's funny how this big mouth bigot is asking the government to investigate, when there's nothing to investigate. It's a death threat from an escaped killer and drug cartel kingpin. What he's really asking for is protection from the Obama administration. I wonder how many racists are going to show up at Trump events knowing they could get bombed? He just put his whole family in danger for years. I'm waiting for Trump to tell the world he's not scared of El Chapo and keep talking sh*t. In fact, Trump will soon double down on his rhetoric or tone down and quietly drop out of the race in a few weeks.

Image result for el chapo guzmanImage result for rosie o'donnell
Donald Trump knows that beefing with El Chapo is different from beefing with
El Bull Dyke Rosie O'Donnel.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Cause and Effect!

The Missing:

America's Date

America's Date Rape Dad: Why Bill Cosby did It and Why America didn't give a Damn
by Xavier James

This One Directly Effects You and Your Family!

Image result for Cemetary

The Missing: What happened to all the people no one ever finds?
by Xavier James


Friday, June 19, 2015

Stop Letting White Supremacists Into Your Black Organizations; Period!

Image result for reverend killed in n.c. church shooting

By Xavier James

If ever there was a black preacher who got a bunch of black folks killed it was Rev. Clementa Pinckney. As a rule of thumb, if you're at church, school or the grocery store and a white man who has his hair cut like one of the three stooges, strolls in-get your gun ready. I didn't say run. I said put your gun in your hand. If you don't have a gun, get one, or go stand behind someone who does. The first thing Reverend Pinckney should have said was:


But black folks have been programmed to believe white supremacists have the right to be in on everything they do. Years ago, white males use to oversee all black church gatherings to make sure the slaves weren't talking about their freedom. And it should have felt like that on that fateful Wednesday night when terrorist Dylann Storm Roof walked in.

Some Negroes are afraid they might offend a white supremacist by telling them 'you're not welcome here.' I say "F**K'EM!" Don't let your old, COON pastor, auntie, daddy, etc., get you or your loved ones jammed up! All that bootlicking and buck-dancing does is get you hurt or killed. It's past time to circle the wagons; for real.

 Image result for reverend killed in n.c. church shooting
Come on now, if you saw this MOFO come into
your church, do you really think he came to praise
your JESUS? The coward surrendered to police
without any resistance.

Image result for reverend killed in n.c. church shooting
The State Senator was killed because he was
trying to force racist cops to wear body cameras.
It was also a political killing that would earn the killer
status among Aryan brotherhood members in prison.