Wednesday, August 27, 2014


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Monday, August 18, 2014

Why Michael Brown's Body was Left Out in the Street

By Xavier James

The reason why the police left Michael Brown's body in the street for  hours- with blood running from his body, is to send a message. A lot of black folks don’t understand symbolism. The greatest image in the world is a visual image.

A young, black man laid out dead in the street for four hours tells the black community ‘this is what you’ll get if you challenge the police. This is what you’ll get if you challenge white supremacy.” But not just in Missouri, this message was meant for all of black America. The body being on display for four hours gave time for black folks who were getting off work, to come view the teen’s body and be traumatized along with everybody else.

It’s always been done that way by white supremacists. When black men were lynched down south, they weren’t cut down. They were left to dangle like nothing. Black folks had to go back later to cut them down and bury them. Sometimes they would hang there for days with signs on them. This is all done to keep black folks across America in line. The cover-up, media bias and slander also goes to show who's in control and all powerful. It's all done to make you give up and not struggle. Again, I’ll ask you; will you not fight to live?

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Dirty Cop Killed Missouri Teen Michael Brown because he Knew too Much

By Xavier James

There's nothing worse then a dirty cop, but then again, they don't come any other way. People keep asking why Michael Brown was tussling with the cop at the car. Well, because the young man was working for him-and probably wanted to quit. He was executed in broad daylight because if he talked and told what he knew, a lot of cops would go to jail and lose their pensions.

Now, the police who were in cahoots with the killer cop- are protecting their own asses by protecting him. So now they're tossing tear gas at the protesters and intimidating residents. What they're doing is called marshal law.

 And where is the Federal Government? Since racists run Missouri and are equally corrupt, the judge is going to give the shooter about five years. He'll do two and be out in 23 months. At least the younger generation ain't scared of white folks like their buck-dancing, boot-licking parents before them. They'll have to pull up their pants and kick in like men.

The fuse has been lit. The spark has turned into a fire in the belly's of Black folks across America. Don't forget, Michael Brown could have been your son. Missouri is the catalyst for the nationwide battle against white supremacy. Will you not fight to live?


Tuesday, August 5, 2014

White Supremacists had Me Banned from Facebook for Exposing their Plans to Disseminate EBOLA

BY Xavier James

If you think that Facebook is without an agenda, guess again.
After revealing to you on Facebook that white supremacists were testing out a new strain of Ebola on Africans and were planning on unleashing it in a highly populated black city-I was banned from Facebook and my Facebook account suspended. Not even two hours later came news reports of two white healthcare workers being transported back to America with Ebola- to be treated here. Usually, America would hide that sort of information from you, right? Not wanting to cause widespread panic. But this time its all over the news. WHY? Because when they start spreading EBOLA to black folks here, they'll be able to claim it got out of the lab when the two workers were brought home for treatment; creating a direct- although false- connection.

Oddly enough, as many hateful, disrespectful, ignorant things that racists were saying on my page- I got banned instead of them. Their plan is to keep me from schooling y'all about what's going on out there. This concerns me. And should reinforce to you how serious and powerful white supremacists are. That infuriates me. So, I've  decided to reveal more to you then ever before-especially economic secrets white supremacists definitely don't want you to know about. Over the coming weeks I will be informing you of where to go  on the web to retrieve the information. These jewels will detail how to survive the economic circumstance people of color have been forced into. White supremacists have taught us nigganomics for so long that- it's all some of us really know. It's time to exercise our true power potential.



The Movie “The Purge 2” Exposes the Truth About White Supremacists and their Continuing Ideology of Genocide

By Xavier James

Millions are flocking to the movies to see fellow White Supremacists PROPAGANDA FILM ‘The Purge 2.’ The success of the first Purge film ensured a second and third- about senseless killings and rapes that you can get away with for one night only.

Actually, white supremacists have been purging and getting away with it since America was founded. The subliminal message in this movie is; ‘keep killing and purging America of  “minorities” and “Poor White Trash” so that we can maintain our dominate role in society.

That’s why the recent rash of deaths by police against unarmed blacks in NY and other places is equal to the lynching deaths that occurred in previous years. In fact, young black men are still being lynched today; you just don’t hear about it. Yeah, they hang them during certain times and days of the year (usually during some celebration or commemoration) and tell you it was a suicide. That’s their purging. Look it up!


The first ‘Purge’ movie was about a white family who took in a young black man that other white folks were trying to kill-for no reason. So, the N!gg*r lovers had to die, too. They always show you through movies what’s popular thought in the dominate society.

People in the second ‘Purge’ movie kept killing and quoting that it was their God given right granted to them by their new founding fathers (as opposed to the old founding fathers)-one in the same. Even at an elementary school level one can decipher the overt propaganda of a snuff film from simple entertainment.

The final scene of the movie was a room full of rich, white folks bidding on the opportunity to hunt down and kill black folks and poor white trash for an outrageous price; while others watched. In fact, no rich folks or politicians were killed in the movie-period (except by accident).

 To quote the rich white man and organizer of the purge:

“Its not much time left in this year’s purge. Now- get out there and make yourselves better Citizens. God be with you all.”  That sounds eerily familiar. Wake up people!

Monday, July 28, 2014

White Supremacists Testing New Strain of Ebola on Africans

By Xavier James


WHITE SUPREMACISTS are testing out their new strain of EBOLA on the Africans.
There is no cure and little treatment for the deadly virus, which has killed at least 660 people in several African countries. In Liberia, however, one of its leading Ebola doctors has died after three weeks battling the virus. Samuel Brisbane, a one-time medical adviser to former Liberian President Charles Taylor, has become the first Liberian doctor to die in the outbreak.

Now, two American health care workers have died. The first, Nancy Writebol, was working with a Christian group in Monrovia, Liberia. The second, Kent Brantley, was a medical director for a group working in conjunction with the Christian organization.

Don't be AFRAID! Listen, find out and share information. They will be testing it on blacks in America one day. Will you be ready? The ratchet whores on Love and Hip-Hop can't help you. Little Wayne can't help you. Nicki Minaj is not going to warn you. Follow me and others who are fighting, researching and sharing valuable information. TOGETHER WE CAN DEFEAT WHITE SUPREMACY.

Saturday, July 26, 2014


For thousands of years the Ankh has been a symbol of fertility and life to the African. In fact, the Ankh itself represents a penis going into a vagina; in other words MALE and FEMALE Sexual Relations. The so called black 'conscious' PROMOSEXUAL endorses a European Sexual agenda yet still WEARS THAT SYMBOL of LIFE around their neck-all the while promoting the death of Black America. The Ankh should be stripped from the neck of any hypocrite wearing a symbol of life yet promotes death to their own people.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

White Folks Destroyed Central America's Economy Now they Complain About Brown Immigrants Coming to America

By Xavier James

Immigrants complaining about Immigrants, right! Go figure. America owes all Central American Immigrants big time! They owe these children and their parents. For over 70 years white Supremacists went down into Argentina, Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama, and destroyed their economies. Every single South American country that did not serve America's business interests (corporations), they would assassinate the president and pay some crony to run things. Sometimes they would supply rebels with guns and spies to overthrow good leaders who were really trying to help their people.

Many South American countries felt that they were giving far too much of their resources to American corporations for pennies on the dollar. These countries have Coffee, Banana's, dairy, sugar, petroleum, cigars, fruits and all kinds of crops that America wanted and killed to make sure they controlled. In fact, dozens of high ranking government officials had stock in American corporations that made deals with Central American countries. And if it looked like their stocks would fall the American government would secretly destroy the ruling party. If  white Americans felt threatened by new regimes they'd cause chaos, coups and revolutions. If the dictator wanted to change the economic direction their country was going, America would impose sanctions or sabotage negotiations with their neighbors.

No telling where these countries would be economically if not for America altering their course. And you know its true just by looking at America's screwed up economy. People right here in America are migrating by the thousands to find work and better living conditions; except they're traveling from state to state. You see the chaos white supremacists caused over there in Iraq trying to control their resources.

Another effective tactic white supremacists used in South America was high interest loans; legal government loan sharking. The American government loaned countries obscene amounts of money knowing it would take generations to pay back. Sometimes War lords, dictators or militias took the money, misused it  and the infrastructure weakened or collapsed.

And in case you didn't know, after WW2, it was white Americans who hid Adolf Hitler's most notorious henchmen and murderers in Central America so that they could continue their experiments on the South American Natives. It was just a few years ago the American government apologized to the families of a bunch of Guatemalan men they'd experimented on years ago. All I keep hearing about is white folks complaining that these kids may have diseases. Who the hell do you think it was that brought the diseases that killed off 80% of the native populations in North and South America? White Folks!   

Still don't believe Racism-White Supremacy is the cause of all this mess? Take a look at Canada. Canadians aren't running for the border, nor has the C.I.A. paid Canadians to overthrow their government, why? Because white supremacists run Canada, too. NEED MORE EVIDENCE ? Look up Medical Apartheid by Harriet A. Washington, Dirt by Terrence McLaughlin, and Behold the Pale Horse by Milton William Cooper just to name a few. And don't forget to download  my book 'Our Words: The Social Politics of Homosexuality, Religion and Race'  on Amazon.

These Children and their parents are America's
Roosters coming home to roost.