Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Two More Black Actors Lost in the Hollywood Shuffle

By Xavier James

They tell me that in order to make it in Hollywood you have to first sit on the casting couch. The casting couch basically means have sexual relations of all kinds with people in the industry who are well connected and in power. They include directors, agents, producers, etc. When I read that Will Smith’s son was going to wear a dress in a new slave movie I thought “like father, like son.” What are the circumstances where a father would tell his underage son to put on a dress? Is it money? Is it for the art form?

 Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt don’t dress up like women in movies and I bet wouldn’t allow their sons to do so either. But confused, black actors can no longer say they need the money and must do what they have to do. Will smith is passing his perverted mindset onto his son. Smith played a gay con-man in ‘Six Degrees of Separation.’ In one scene he was in bed giving oral sex to some white guy. Then of course he danced around in a tight dress in ‘The Wild, Wild West.’

You never see A-list white actors like Stallone, Arnold, Liam Neeson, or Mark Walberg play those roles. But there’s never a shortage of Negro actors willing to degrade themselves. And this will be the first time an A-list actor wore dresses in his movies then have his real life son wear dresses in his own movie. His son is already more moist then any boy should be. I personally think Will Smith wants to see his son get turned out on the big screen.

Meanwhile, the ultimate oreo, Morgan Freeman, told Katie Couric that Mississippi only had a “mild” form of racism and that “nobody in Mississippi got killed simply because they were black.” Now, I don’t know how many casting couches Morgan Freeman had to lay down on in his career to formulate that lie and illusion, but clearly brain damage has occurred-or maybe even dementia.

 I know he hasn’t played any black roles in decades, but a guy with a nose that big had to be a target every time he walked down the street in Mississippi. The buck-dancing thespian also said that ‘the best way to get rid of racism is not talk about it.’ Really…Negro, really?

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Al Sharpton's Regret is a Cautionary Tale

Al Sharpton's White Supremacist Friends Used

Him and Threw Him Away.

Poor Al Sharpton spent decades building up his name, only to have everything he built torn down overnight. Every news outlet in the country is carrying the story of how Al Sharpton was a government informant. News outlets are calling him "Rev. Rat." Deciding to flip after being caught on tape making a drug deal back in the early 1980's, he began wearing wires. The people who released this information were hoping black folks would start hating Rev. Al Sharpton, because we hate snitches.

But what white folks don't know is that; WE DON'T F**K WITH WITH AL SHARPTON LIKE THAT NO WAY! I mean, he was alright, but black folks knew that if you were ever in trouble and you called Al Sharpton, you better have your money right. He was a self serving opportunist. Don't get it twisted, Al Sharpton loves black folks but money comes first. Any mob guy who was dumb enough to deal with a sweaty, 300 pound, permed hair, sweat suit wearing- Al Sharpton back in the 80's, deserved to go to jail. I mean, what the hell were they thinking. The dude wore a perm and hung out with Don King.

But the new and improved, skinny Al Sharpton who changed his life, couldn't escape his checkered past. The same people who made a name for themselves-including big time promotions- prosecuting

mob guys thanks to Reverend Al, have all turned on him. These agents who coerced Sharpton into wearing wires, after promising him complete amenity, have thrown him to the wolves. It's yet another perfect example of how white supremacy works. He served these white supremacists to the best of his ability, even putting his life on the line, and in the end they didn't keep their word. Have they ever?

If there was ever a cautionary tale, this is it. It's yet another example of why black folks don't f@#k with the police unless we have to! They're grimey! They did not hesitate to put Sharpton and his family in danger from mob retaliation. In order to leak that much detailed information, which included documentation, someone high up had to release it. The purpose was to bring Sharpton down because this 'uppity Negro' has gained too much power. He's meeting with President Obama, mayors and is an intelligent black voice on MSNBC with his own show.

In my opinion, the law enforcement agency(white folks) who released this information got paid! And its highly probable they'd been blackmailing Sharpton all these years and he got tired of paying. That's how he got so skinny, waiting for that other shoe to drop. The press is trying to tell us its because of the FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT that this information became public. Well, everyone reading this article, try and use The FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT and get information on big drug deals and see what happens. You get back bullsh!t. I know, I've tried.

Honestly, if you're a big fan and supporter of Rev. Al Sharpton and his NATIONAL ACTION NETWORK, cut the man some slack. He snitched and reported the murderous activities of white folks to other (far less murderous) white folks. When white folks do what he did they call them whistle blowers and pat them on the back. Funny isn't it.

Do you remember last month when I wrote: NO MATTER HOW RICH AND FAMOUS YOU ARE WHITE SUPREMACISTS WILL THROW YOU AWAY WHEN THEY'RE DONE- well do you believe me now?

Fat Al v/s Skinny Al. We like the new Al better. But the feds wont let fat Al die.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Has President Obama become a Positive or Negative Energy in Our Lives

By Xavier James

It's a legitimate question isn't it? How do you feel when you see President Obama on television; anxious...disgusted....distrustful or maybe even fearful? These are all negative emotions.

Honestly, to me, the brother I voted for has become a negative energy who insists on bringing imbalance. Most recently, Obama-care has been confusing and divisive. After implementing those lame sanctions, the Russians think he's a joke. But it was his blatant disrespect of Russian President Putin (sending an openly gay delegation to the Sochi Olympics to create havoc) as to why the Russians no longer respect him.

Obama was hoping these gay agitators would provoke Russian homosexuals to start drama, disrupt the Olympics and embarrass Putin- who spent 50 billion dollars on the Sochi games. That didn't work. Now, he's in Europe, all up in their business when we need him here fixing the economy. As much natural gas and oil as Europe gets from Russia, he has to know sanctions would hurt Europe and America more then Russia. And despite America's takeover of Iraq and Afghanistan, the President still claims the moral high ground. Meanwhile, he watches as the Israeli's regularly grab land from the Palestinians.

But it's his undying support and implementation of all things homosexual that bothers me most. He displays a reckless disregard when anyone comes between him and his homosexual agenda. You see, Obama handily imposes homosexual laws on his fellow Americans, but the stunt he pulled in Sochi was problematic. He blatantly defied Russian law. Now Putin intends to show the world how soft Obama really is. For a guy who promised so much hope seems like a man obsessed with homosexuals and intent on spreading their imbalance.

The U.S. Ambassador the Obama Administration sent to Benghazi was a flaming homosexual. To send him to an Arab country was a blatant disrespect and contributed greatly to his death.

The homosexual controlled media didn't tell anyone that. They wanted you to think it was all about terrorists. His Safe School's Czar was a gay male who supported NAMBLA (man and boy love).

Like it or not his decisions affect each and every one of us. President Obama has been called the Anti-Christ by some and a Godsent by others. What has he represented in your life?

President Obama-staking his
legacy on his homosexual agenda.

My Malaysian Flight 370 Theories

By Xavier James

It seems everybody has a theory (opinion). So I'll add mines.

1. The airplane never took off and the passengers are kidnapped and tortured.

2. The Chinese want to attack and take over Malaysia like Russia is doing Crimea; so they shot down a plane full of their own citizens to get the ball rolling.

3. Any debris that they find now is debris that Malaysia's government is throwing into the water because they're tired of the Chinese breathing down their necks.

4. Flight 370 was a plane full of spies mixed in with unsuspecting travelers. A government (China, Malaysia, U.S. etc.) shot them down, cleaned up the debris and made up a story.

5. The plane crashed in the mountains (not over water). The Chinese are going through the wreckage and getting important documents before they announce they found it.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Black Men Love to take White Men's Leftovers


By Xavier James

There's yet another socialogical epidemic unfolding in the black community; black men

taking the white man's rejected women. Oh my God, have you seen it? You haven't caught

it have you? Slim, black men are popping up everywhere holding hands, kissing and hugging

these big, fat, burly, homely, white women. Or else your seeing the broad shoulder

white collar brothers with these older, pale, ghostly, pasty white women.

Oh my God, sweet Jesus they're everywhere.

I was coming out of the library the other day and I swear someone must have paid this brother

to be seen in public with the white woman he was with. She had tangled, nappy hair, missing teeth and

was so ugly at first glance you'd think he was dragging a corpse down the dam street. And this dude was smiling

like he'd hit the goddam lottery. What the hell is going on?

I'll tell you what's going on; WHITE SUPREMACY-in full effect. You see, to the Negro mind that's been bombarded

and clouded by the inferiority complex, anything white will do. He feels that a white woman will elevate his status in society

and in the eyes of the white man. However, what this psychologically damaged black man doesn't understand is

that the white man thinks he's a dam fool. Oh yeah, he's laughing at him. These Negroes are taking the white women that

white men don't want in the first place. Now, you know white men aint never thought much of a fat, white woman. Pick up

any book, magazine or watch any movie, big white women are totally rejected or poked fun at. Oh, he'll call her a fat pig in a heartbeat. And if she wasn't wearing make-up he refused to be seen in public with her at all.

LET ME BE CLEAR: I don't care if you have a white woman, green woman or a blue woman; as long as your happy. But clearly

an epidimic like this means there's something else going on; black men grabing onto anything that will make them feel like somebody, because white society has made them feel like a nobody. Take Justice Clerance Thomas for example, have you seen his wife? Why do you think this sexual harassing, token Negro married that Rosie O'Donnell looking woman? To help him identify more with his white counterparts. Years ago he did some white boy somewhere a hudge favor.

It's very, very rare that you see a black man outside of Hollyweird with a hot, white woman. I've seen plenty of white guys

with hot, black women. Anyway, I bet one of you brothers reading this right now is running around town yelling "black power"

yet goes home every night and climbs into bed with some Attilla the Hun looking white chick. Meanwhile, the black community stares at you in shock while the white man you're trying to impress is laughing and thanking you for taking another one off his hands.


Obama's Been More of a Dissappointment to Black Folks Than Jesus

By Xavier James

Black folks have been calling on Jesus for hundreds of years and he hasn't saved them yet. Then God sent his other son, Barack Obama, through the clouds on Air Force One. A lot of you thought God had sent Obama down from heaven to save black folks from racism, injustice and poverty, but you soon found out it wasn't God that sent him; it was racist white folks.

Yeah, the same people who gave black folks Jesus are the same people who gave us Barack Obama. After Bush, they wanted to put a black face on their racism. He would take the blame for the economy and at the same time maintain the status quo; white supremacy. Despite those facts, we wanted him to prevail and beat them at their own game.

My wife calls President Obama 'A Neutral Negro' when it comes to most issues he's afraid to take a stand; especially issues that effect black America. It's apparent he's more then anxious to support any constituency that isn't black. One time even crying over the Sandy Hook killings while the children in his old neighborhood in Chicago were being gunned down every single day.

I was never one to complain about the first 'openly' black president. I'd always say "he couldn't do any worse then the dozens of Presidents who preceded him." But unlike them, he's done absolutely nothing for the core base who propelled his rise to power. I stood in line with my kids for over 4 hours in 2008 to hear the President speak. I was hopeful and optimistic. But it didn't take long for reality to set in.

Now, he goes out of his way not to appear bias towards the black community that's responsible for putting him into office. At the same time, he goes overboard with his support for Jews, homosexuals, white women, etc. In fact, President Obama has done everything for homosexuals besides leaving his wife and marrying a man. As we speak, the Obama administration is negotiating yet billions of dollars more for Jewish holocaust victims.....UNBELIEVABLE! As much as they compare the Civil Rights struggle to homosexual unrest, one would think he'd be doing more.

If this President simply devoted half the energy and support to black folks as he does homosexuals, more black folks would have jobs and less complaints. President Obama takes a firm, decisive stand on homosexual issues and could care less about appearing bias. However, anything to do with black folks, he's neutral on all issues.

Now, six years after his election he comes up with his "my brother's keeper" initiative. It's designed to keep young, black males in school and headed to college. It's a start. And I can only hope the best is yet to come. All black folks ask for is a fair shake from any President. But I would think that for a black President with two black daughters, who will have to live in this country and with his legacy long after he leaves the oval office, he'd be doing a lot more to make America better then it was before he got there.

Xavier James Uncensored

                                Find out what's really going on! 

Saturday, February 22, 2014

No Matter How Rich and Famous You are White Supremacists Will Throw You Away When They're Done

By Xavier James

Michael Jackson sang, danced, and entertained the world the majority of his life. A hand-full of black folks and countless, countless white folks got rich off Michael Jackson. As an entertainer Michael Jackson did everything white supremacists told him to do, and then some. As long as there was money to be made they defended Michael Jackson.

Now, and despite rumors that he was broke, the government/IRS is going after his estate for over $700 Million dollars. Now that he's dead he's no more use to them. Despite how well he served the interests of white supremacists, they want to take back everything they gave him and then some.

Bill Cosby was crowned America's dad by white folks, and he, just like Michael, complied with all of their wishes. But now that he has outlived his usefulness, over a dozen women have come out of the woodwork with allegations of rape and assault. Back in the day, white supremacists protected Bill from such things with payoffs and threats. However today,  it's going to cost him and his family a small fortune to get out of this one. These people were supported by black America long before white America got a hold of them.

Black folks want diversity on television. We look for representation in movies. We want our stories to be told. But why show undying loyalty to someone who only plans to use you then throw you away? Why not just do your job and go home? Or perhaps use your position and platform to break the hold they have on you and do your own thing? The Cosby Show paved the way for other black shows, some good and some not so good. Fact is, a white actor of Bill Cosby's stature would never

have such allegations lodged against him while still alive.

 I don't propose to know what every entertainer in Hollyweird has to do to keep their job, but to do anything for money, only to have that money taken away, isn't smart. So, if you look at people like Sammy Davis, Jr. and Joe Louis who worked their butts off for white supremacists, at the end of their days they were hounded and broke, unable to even have a proper burial. I think about poor Ron Brown who they just killed when they were done with him. And the great Sly Stone wasn't a sell- out but he was a target from the start. Those are just a few examples out of thousands. It happens to boxers, rappers, dancers, athletes, politicians, etc.

We like to blame it all on poor money management and a lack of economic understanding, but there's way more to it then that. What's the end game? What's the bottom line?


Knowing this, make your moves accordingly! Blind Loyalty and Ignorance by Blacks, Give White Supremacists their Economic Edge. When my 85 year old neighbor died last year, she didn't leave anything to her family. Her house, car, furniture and over $100,000 in her savings account

all went to the state of Georgia. Her best friend said that she didn't get along with her family and refused to do anything for them. Fine, that was her decision. She did that out of spite.

But to allow one of the most racist states in America, the state that ran her to the back of the bus, to have everything she worked for, was absolutely stupid! These type of decisions is what allows white supremacy to flourish. They beat you with your own money.  Don't let them beat you!

*Note and Exception to the Rule: Founding Father, White Supremacist and Homosexual, General George Washington freed his slave /lover upon his death and left the slave a lot of money. However, his entire life, the slave was forced to surrender his anus and endure the General's bad breath (Washington had wooden teeth) until the day his master died. Are you willing to make such a trade?

Young, Bootlicking Bill now accused of being predator Bill.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Phillip Seymour Hoffman's Drug Death Exposes White America's Drug Epidemic


By Xavier James

When the police said they were looking for Hoffman's drug dealer
I laughed because they know dam well he was the drug dealer.
He bought, used, gave and sold to all his high profile friends. That's why they
found a sh*tload of drugs around him. Then they drudge up four of his fellow drug fiends
and try to pen it on them.

Hoffman died because he didn't put enough cut on his dope. When he overdosed
there wasn't anyone there to revive him. And the person who found him dead had
stopped by to get high on the new supply himself. But white supremacists don't want
you to know that. They only want to show you black faces whenever there's
a news story involving drugs.

Hoffman is only the tip of the iceberg that's hidden white America's drug epidemic. And
it's three times worse than previously estimated. Heroin, Meth and Cocaine are being
consumed by young, white folks at alarming numbers. They're selling it to each other
and killing eachother over it; while the powers that be are powerless to stop it.

Some may call it chickens coming home to roost. I don't know but the same police, FBI, CIA, DEA,
and other officials who flooded black communities with heroin in the 1970's and crack in the 1980's
are now trying to deal with the overflow. They imported it and gave it to black folks, now their own children are hooked on it. You remember, it was okay when black folks was hooked on their drugs.

But it wont stop. It will only get worse! Have you ever read the pamphlet that comes with your
presciption medicine? It says "may cause abnormal drug seeking behavior." Most of these "new" drug addicts start out as "legal" drug addicts using prescribed pain relief like Vicodin or Percocet. But when their injuries heal and their prescriptions run out, that's when they'll hit the street and look for people like Phillip Seymour Hoffman who the police said had top notch quality drugs.

That's why there's a new drug store/pharmacy aka dope-house being built on every corner in America; some right across the street from eachother. However, you wont see Walgreens or Rite-Aid shooting at eachother because they both have plenty of customers. Until the authorities go to drugmaker/dealer Merck or Pfizer and start pulling those executives (drug dealers) out of their offices, things are only going to get worse.