Tuesday, August 30, 2016

That's White Supremacy

       That’s White Supremacy


49ers Quarterback Colin Kaepernick


"When you see a successful black man in America, most white folks feel like that black man owes them something- personally. When in reality, they collectively tried to keep him from achieving it. And the moment that black man fails to acknowledge that every white man- no matter how despicable or low in life he is- is still greater than him because he wears white skin- that’s the moment they collectively try to take everything from that black man- everything they never wanted him to have in the first place."  –Xavier James


Thursday, August 4, 2016

God Crashed Hot Air Balloon Killing 16 or Operator Killed Himself and Passengers.

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By Xavier James

If you're silly enough to think everything is an accident or happenstance then it's already too late for you. The new thing white supremacists are doing in the murder-suicide arena is making their suicides look like accidental deaths. Oh yeah, its going down. Mental illness in white folks has reached an all time high, (look it up!) but the media isn't reporting it. They don't want the world to know. These nut jobs don't want to die alone so they try and take as many people with them as possible. It also keeps their insurance policies in place since insurance companies don't pay out for suicides. I looked at pictures of the guy operating that hot air balloon and could see there was something wrong with him. You don't have to be a Native American Shaman like me to use your third eye. You can tell when a person is high off weed can't you? You look at the eyes. And that guys eyes were saying "nut-job."

Of course there is one other alternative: God! That's right, the Creator. God's wrath PUNISHING WHITE SUPREMACIST'S or the children of WHITE SUPREMACISTS. All you bible thumping Christians can appreciate that. For every black man or woman the police murder, you'll notice multiple white supremacist's dying strange, unusual deaths; lightning, sharks, bears attacks, train wrecks, and now in a hot air balloon.
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This guy got the crazy, drug addict eyes.

Monday, July 18, 2016

White Man Warns Peoples of Color Not to Trust White People/Caucasians

Recently a gay/trans white man who goes by the name of Dakota Bracciale made a bold posting on his Facebook page regarding race. He warned Melanoid people that systematic white supremacy is so deep in this society, that no white people should be trusted. Here it is:

An Open Letter to People of Color:
Not his actual pic but funny!

 Please do not trust white people.
Every single one of us is racist, it’s something we were born and raised into, we were and are consistently indoctrinated into white supremacy.
Indifference and apathy towards systemic racism and it’s horrific results is not just more comfortable, it is incentivized; we are actively rewarded by white supremacy in it’s many forms for ignoring people of color and their cries for justice.
Our bones are riddled with it, it’s everywhere.

 We were taught the history of our nation through textbooks written by white men with a vested interest in how the story was and is being told.
So we think that MLK Jr is the patron saint of polite black folks (to be invoked against the angry ones), peanut butter is the extent of black excellence, and according to the newest textbooks, slaves were just unpaid interns.

 We were brought up being given medicine designed for us by white men, men who historically tortured black women and murdered black babies to found gynecology, men who performed surgeries on black people without any anesthesia and no precautions because it was believe that black people can not feel pain.

 And you wonder why we do not sympathize when black children are gunned down by police?
Nothing stopped, the framework of systemic racism just keeps getting dressed differently, yesterday’s fire hoses and attack dogs are today’s cultural appropriation, tone policing and respectability politics.

 We are the ones who committed genocide, stole this land, and now, generations later, think it’s cool to dress up like the folks we massacred.
We’re the ones making fun of people who can’t speak “perfect” English, we’re the ones who’ve come up with every single racial slur used in this country.
We’re so much more concerned about you questioning us, telling us no or calling us out than we are what you’re actually experiencing at our hands.

 We will spend countless hours just poking at you, trolling you just to prove you’re this less intellectual, overly emotional animal, to get you to fail a standard we set for you without ever clueing you in on it.

 We are the ones who built this country on the blood, the bodies and the backs of people of color and then built Mt Rushmore, statues, monuments to white men.
We rigged the economy, the government and the schools, created the ghettos, set you up for failure and then we blame you for your not pulling yourself up by your bootstraps.
We are still making you defend yourselves, over and over ad infinitum. We make you defend your personhood, your autonomy, your agency, your decency, your humanity because when you keep minorities on the defensive, when you keep them explaining who they are and justifying their right to life – nothing real ever gets done.

 Even though I’m queer, even though I’m trans, I still get to sit in the “Whites Only” section and I have heard what gets said and I’m begging you, please don’t trust us.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

What would the world have been like without white people in it?

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By Xavier James

Good question. And I'm one of the few people who will say it out loud. I look at the condition the world is in and the pathology of death that the people in charge keep creating. Congress holding sit-ins to prevent automatic weapons from getting into the hands of nut jobs and there are literally white folks fighting against that. Presidential candidates that simply aren't worth a F*ck, yet we are tasked with choosing between the worst of two evils. Then young, white rapists getting off Scott free by saying "boys will be boys." And let's not even talk about the police.  

 Several years ago they made a movie/documentary about what America would be like without Mexicans. They portrayed the Mexicans as needed domestic servants for white folks. The premise  was; who's going to do the jobs white folks don't want to do? You know, who would work in the fields, who would do construction, make beds, cook food etc? You already know the psychology behind that. But Mexicans seem to have a genetic disposition for low self esteem. The Mexicans didn't make a stink about the movie casting them as neo-slaves. Now what would America be like without Black folks? Hell, you already know. But let’s look at the facts: White folks are the only people in the world, especially America, who’s very survival depended on peoples of color; period. All the rest of the world’s citizens were getting along famously.

 It was the Moors who educated the Europeans, who at the time were sleeping in the bed with livestock and refused to take baths- causing diseases that led to the dark ages. Native Americans taught the white, savage invaders how to make it through winter. It was African labor and inventions that industrialized America. And you already know how they were repaid.

I know there wouldn't be AIDS, Ebola, Syphilis, POX of any kind, or Zika because there wouldn't be white supremacists here to invent or spread them. And forget about Cancer. There wouldn't be chemicals, toxins or other bio-hazards introduced into the environment or put into food that spread Cancer. No more holy wars because that Jesus Christ non-sense wouldn't exist. But again, today-I ask you, what would the world, especially America be like if white folks never came here?

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Maria Sharapova Should be Stripped of Her Titles and the Awards given to Rightful Winners.



By Xavier James


Why is tennis fraud and cheat Maria Sharapova getting special treatment- when she belongs right up there with Lance Armstrong and Pete Rose? She admitted to being on the juice (strength and energy enhancers) for 10 years. Is it because she’s white? I remember all kinds of black athletes who got dragged behind banned supplements.


When I look back at all the tough matches she barely won, now I know she didn’t actually win. And where do I go to recoup my loses? I lost money betting against her. I wonder if her agent will give me my money back. But now that I think about it, even on steroids ( steroid substitutes), weak ass Sharapova was still                                          getting her a** whooped!

Sunday, June 5, 2016

The Secret to Trump’s Success: White Supremacy Cannot Exist without an Enemy


By Xavier James


An enemy allows white supremacists the cohesion it needs to get uneducated, poor and working class whites to attack people who aren’t like them; Mexicans, Arabs, Blacks and even Asians. Notice how nothing is ever their fault; someone else is always f*cking “them” over. Without creating domestic and international threats, poor and working class whites would figure out the big lie and rise up against government.


But instead, white supremacists like Donald Trump are able to prey on their lack of intelligence and push them to rally behind the flag- by creating multiple enemies. The war on terror was connected to Muslims in order to create an open ended war on Islam. Notice these techniques are employed against small and often third world countries with rag-tag defenses; never countries capable of defending themselves. You always hear about America’s special forces being so great and brave. But what you don’t realize is that they’re brave going into third world countries where the people barely have food, let alone enough defenses to defend themselves.


The uproar against Mexicans allows white supremacists to blame someone other then themselves for a shrinking economy. Notice how quickly poor and working class whites rallied behind building Trump’s wall. It’s true we need much better border security, but a wall won’t bring white folks their jobs back. Nor will it stop rich whites from shipping jobs away- then blaming the Mexicans.


 Creating an enemy allows white supremacists to place the blame for their f*ck-ups on non-whites and avoid any personal responsibility. The things white supremacist officials and corporations get away with here in America that have resulted in poverty and death, in many other countries they would literally be lined up and shot!

Monday, May 30, 2016

The Pursuit of Happiness Movie was Garbage

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By Xavier James



Stop praising Will Smith for making ass kissing movies; instead of ass kicking movies. You’re doing more acting then Will Smith when you act like you don’t know the difference. A guy skinning, grinning, buck dancing and parking cars is your hero? If you let your kids watch Hitler style propaganda movies you’re a dam fool.


The movie was about white supremacists doing what they do best; exploiting others. They actually implemented an apprenticeship program designed to make them millions of dollars without paying employees squat. And in the end the person who makes them the most money gets a job; everybody else gets the shaft.


As far as Will Smith goes, he’s one hell of an actor true enough, but he sold his soul to white supremacists a long time ago; and his family’s too. Go watch Six Degrees of Separation. If you want your kids to grow up and do anything for money then by all means let your Will Smith freak flag fly. But since its Memorial Day, gone head and bury them coon movies and anything else that misrepresents you.


Eugenics, Sterilization and Planned Parenthood
by Xavier James
Link: https://amzn.com/B00I3V2VRI


The Secret Behind Dead and Missing Black Americans: Where are they? Who took them and why?
by Xavier James
Link: https://amzn.com/B00UB5A126