Wednesday, April 22, 2015

White Supremacist Eugenicist Bill Gates Still Up to his Old Tricks

Bill Gates Wants to Turn Your Birth Control On With a Remote

Bill Gates is backing a long-lasting implantable birth control device that can be turned on and off with a remote control. With this device -- a tiny hormone-emitting microchip-a woman can literally decide when she's ready to get pregnant.
The new device, though, which is currently being developed by Gates Foundation-backed MicroCHIPS, would be able to stay in place for up to 16 years. And when babymaking time comes around, all you have to do is flip a switch. Similar to current IUDs, the chip would provide 30 micrograms of the pregnancy-blocking hormone levonorgestrel daily.

When its time for the hormone to be delivered, an internal battery sends an electric current through the device, temporarily melting the reservoir's hermetic, titanium and platinum seal and doling out just the right dose on the daily for 16 years. And apparently, the idea came from none other than Bill Gates himself. The device is currently in the experimentation stage, but there's still one major kink to work out: Hacking.

The team needs to figure out how to effectively encrypt the microchip to stop hackers from turning the baby switch on and off at whim. So we likely won't be seeing human trials until that happens. But scientists are hopeful that by 2018, we could very well be making babies with the touch of a button.

QUESTION: Why do white supremacists always want to put something into your body that the Creator didn't put there? These devils are going to put straight poison into it for all none whites; tracking chips, auto immune diseases and they'll create genetic diseases for the fetus itself. Don't do it black women!

What do you think about that sh*t?

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Taser Wielding Deputy was on Hunting Expedition to Kill a Black Man


Robert Bates' booking photo. (Tulsa County Jail)


By Xavier James



Years ago a story emerged exposing a hunter who thought he was making kills based on his hunting skills. But club organizers were actually placing domestic animals in his path for him to get an easy shot.


The article said he most likely didn’t know that previously captured animals were planted there for him to get his money’s worth of ego boosting kills and caucuses. Hunting clubs guaranteed kills for club members that pay big bucks.


That’s what happened in Tulsa Oklahoma. The reserve deputy, Robert Bates, was charged with second-degree manslaughter. However, if you watch the video the entire incident looked scripted.


In an interview, the murderer said ‘he mistook his gun for a taser.’  That’s NONSENSE. He paid to kill that unarmed black man.  The old, decrepit racist had one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel and wanted to go out with a bang; national fame and a murder under his belt. And unlike most white men with a bucket list that includes going to third world countries and molesting underage boys and girls, he stayed here to get his rocks off.


He had been paying off local officials for years to make himself feel important; buying vehicles and taking them on trips. So, why not pay them to allow him to get away with murder-in front of the world. These are the games that rich racist’s play.


He initially said that he pulled his gun thinking it was a taser. However, the newspapers reported he got out of his vehicle holding the gun, walked up to the already subdued man, shot him and immediately dropped the gun. Then he starts screaming. I told you, scripted all the way.




Rest in Peace Eric Courtney Harris, age 44. Shot and killed after trying to sell a gun to an undercover officer. Meanwhile, President Reagan and Oliver North sold thousands of illegal guns and bombs to the Contras.



The Secret Behind Dead and Missing Black Americans: Where are they? Who took them and why? by Xavier James





Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Sambo and Coon 2015: Faces Change, Attitude Stays the Same

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By Xavier James

SAMBO/COON refers to any black person serving the will and command of racist whites in conflict with and to the demise of their own race. Most Negroes fear or unwillingness to confront the Racism (White Supremacy) that surrounds them keeps them working on the side of the white supremacy system. Inside the SAMBO'S brain there is no cultural or ancestral relevance therefore there can be no black pride; only the yearning to be accepted by whites. The SAMBO often views him/herself as a white person trapped inside of a black body that they are forced to tolerate. It is the SAMBO'S number one priority to endear him/herself to the white establishment. The SAMBO is the most dangerous of all NEGRO groups because he/she has been turned into a self hating machine by racists then turned lose to reek havoc among their own people.

NOTE: The Sambo/Coon  will do absolutely anything for money. He/She will lie, cheat, steal and snitch on you to please the white supremacist. They will even surrender his/her Anus to their master for fame. After gaining support of the  the black community, they'll trade you in and do the work of maintaining white supremacy. Be careful who you call your hero.
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The Secret Behind Dead and Missing Black Folks: Where are they? Who took them and why? by Xavier James