Friday, June 19, 2015

Stop Letting White Supremacists Into Your Black Organizations; Period!

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By Xavier James

If ever there was a black preacher who got a bunch of black folks killed it was Rev. Clementa Pinckney. As a rule of thumb, if you're at church, school or the grocery store and a white man who has his hair cut like one of the three stooges, strolls in-get your gun ready. I didn't say run. I said put your gun in your hand. If you don't have a gun, get one, or go stand behind someone who does. The first thing Reverend Pinckney should have said was:


But black folks have been programmed to believe white supremacists have the right to be in on everything they do. Years ago, white males use to oversee all black church gatherings to make sure the slaves weren't talking about their freedom. And it should have felt like that on that fateful Wednesday night when terrorist Dylann Storm Roof walked in.

Some Negroes are afraid they might offend a white supremacist by telling them 'you're not welcome here.' I say "F**K'EM!" Don't let your old, COON pastor, auntie, daddy, etc., get you or your loved ones jammed up! All that bootlicking and buck-dancing does is get you hurt or killed. It's past time to circle the wagons; for real.

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Come on now, if you saw this MOFO come into
your church, do you really think he came to praise
your JESUS? The coward surrendered to police
without any resistance.

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The State Senator was killed because he was
trying to force racist cops to wear body cameras.
It was also a political killing that would earn the killer
status among Aryan brotherhood members in prison.   

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Find Out Why They're Killing You! On Sale for .99 cents now!

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Over 225,000 African-Americans go missing every year. There are few clues and the police do very little to find them. What role does color play in this equation?

Why are young, unarmed, black men being shot down in the streets? Are the police just doing their jobs? Or is there something more horrible going on? And what about all those disappearances? No one vanishes without a trace.

There are black men and women still missing since the 1970's and 80's. How could they just disappear without a trace? Where are the cold case files? Who's sweeping their memories under the rug? What's happening to our family and friends?

Abductions...murders...and disappearances are examined as I expose hidden facts and offer plausible solutions that could literally save your life. Protect your family and share this information today!

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The Secret Behind Dead and Missing Black Americans:
Where are they? Who took them and why?
by Xavier James


Friday, June 5, 2015

Black Folks Refuse to believe the Government is Watching Them

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They're Out to get you. Just because you're the little guy doesn't mean they don't want you too!


By Xavier James


They know they’re dirty. They know they treat you like sh*t. They know it’s a matter of time before you may act out. I don’t believe the young brother in Boston was going to commit a terrorist act. I think he was just shooting his mouth off. And that was enough to get him killed; especially dealing with scared cops.

But For us (Black folks) as a rule of thumb, we must assume the police are lying, then proceed from there. One hundred and fifty black men released from death row over the years is evident of that. And that was death row of all places.

After the execution of Michael Brown, white supremacists are on high alert. They are scared sh*tless that a real black revolution is coming. So, they give black leaders more money to keep the people quiet. They give more Negroes white women to keep them docile. And they control your comings and goings through harassment.

Here’s the deal: If you have a Muslim name, you are on a government watch list. If you change your current name to a Muslim name, you’re put on a government watch list; and so is your family. You’re all under investigation.

If you become a MOOR and join the local science temple, your name goes on a watch list. If you have an EL or BEY at the end of your name, you’re already on a watch list. Your meetings are monitored and a Negro within your group with a felony hanging over his head is reporting all your movements to the police.

Facebook is monitored by the government.
AND IN CASE YOU DIDN’T KNOW: All the groups you join on FACEBOOK and Google etc. are monitored –waiting for you to say anything worthy of arrest.

White supremacists, terrorist recruiters, pedophiles, etc., have been trying to goat me into conversations and incrimination for years. But I never fall for their plots and schemes. Remember, I was the first one to tell you on FACEBOOK that Ebola was coming to America and white supremacists shut down my Facebook account. A month later EBOLA was here!


LOOK UP:  9 ways you’re being spied on


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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

A 5-Year-Old Tranny and a 65-Year Old Tranny

A 5- Year Old Transgender and a 65 Year Old Transgender: Proves Black Folks Should Stick with their own Culture and Customs!

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By Xavier James



If white supremacists are right about this then it simply means it’s in their genetic DNA. It also means it has absolutely nothing to do with you PEOPLES OF COLOR; PERIOD. Stay clear. Ask yourself:





If your answer is “Absolutely not!” there’s hope- keep reading.


But if your answer is “that would be his decision and I’ll support him either way,” then you’re already f**ked up in the game. Go ahead and click to the next blog, this one ain’t for you.

Parents dressing their little boys up like girls is a European thing. As punishment, white supremacists use to make their boys put on dresses; it true. I believe they called it petticoat.

But telling your girl that she’s a boy goes beyond the scope of  reason.


Did you know that the criteria for having someone institutionalized (for being insane) is the person’s inability to tell you who the current president is? Are you serious? Psychologists have used this method for years.


I know because I had a friend go crazy but they wouldn’t commit him because he knew Obama was president. He went on to hurt himself severely. Hell, Ted Bundy knew who the president was. That didn’t mean he wasn’t a nut job.


Men dressing like women has long been the white man’s way; part of his culture. No where in peoples of color around the world did this happen. Yeah, perversion follows a people where ever they go. One behavior leads to another.


Bruce Jenner is a 65 year old man on television instead of an institution. Now, they applaud parents for telling a little girl she’s a transgender boy. But white supremacy will keep telling you they know best. White supremacists are always first to give advice on child rearing. But are the least qualified of any culture.


Ted Bundy represented death. Bruce Jenner represents insanity. Black folks; stay away from white death culture.  


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Is this what you want your son to grow up and become?


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If  you had an unattractive little girl, would you tell her she was actually a boy?



The Secret Behind Dead and Missing Black Americans: Where are they? Who took them and why?
by Xavier James