By Xavier James

No where else on earth was the effort to demonize, subjugate, and shatter the minds and bodies of blacks than right here in America. As irony would have it, in as much as Whites tried to destroy blacks, at the same time they wanted to poses their strength, their-disciplines, their unity, their dances, their music, their God and their very souls. That envy has endured for centuries. It preceded collagen injections in the lips to make them fuller, tanning salons to get darker and melanin pills; God knows what they’re made of. From the moment the pedophile, rapist, murderer, kidnapper, liar, and Christian, known as Christopher Columbus, set foot in “New Europe,” he couldn’t take his eyes off the natives. In his log he describes them as beautiful, perfect and innocent, before he commenced to killing, kidnapping and corrupting them.

Jealousy is an internalization of a strong desire to covet something physically, emotionally or spiritually that we ourselves do not poses. For example; when Columbus and his band of mercenaries saw the natives wearing the very gold, silver and other precious metals they worshipped, they had to have it. When they saw how these coveted stones gleamed off these native’s bodies, they had to get their hands on them. But when these Europeans put the gold and silver around their necks and wrists it didn’t look or feel the same. And to this day white folks are still trying to figure out why. It’s simple; Europeans lack the melanin to illuminate gold, silver, diamonds, rubies, onyx or any other precious stone. And that’s not meant to be rude, mean spirited or unkind; just factual.

It is why most Europeans don’t even bother to wear jewelry. Go out and take a close look at white folks that do decide to wear jewels. It doesn’t do anything to enhance them or their aura. Then take a look at a black person wearing a gold chain or even the most inexpensive piece of jewelry; it shines. And the darker the flesh, the more the metals are illuminated. It’s the reason why Europeans place such high value and emphasis on diamonds. Diamonds emit such a powerful glow that people often notice the diamond, focus on its monetary value and not the person wearing it. Although they are unable to activate the energy inside the stone, white folks always want the biggest diamond they can find on their fingers, wrists or around their necks. From xavierjamesuncensored.blogspot.com


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