Too Little, Too Late CONDI and COLIN

By Xavier James

Now do you understand why boot- licking and buck- dancing is wrong?

Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell are up in arms because former VP Dick Cheney's new book makes them look like fools. The book 'In My Time: A Personal and Political Memoir'  takes serious shots at the former Secretaries of State, once basically calling Rice incompetent and Powell disloyal. The two contend that the statements and stories Cheney tells about them are untrue; LIES! Meanwhile their boss George W. Bush was all smiles saying:

"I'm glad members of my family are giving their version of what it was like to serve our country."I did the same thing. I put my version out there. And eventually, objective historians will analyze our administration and will draw objective conclusions."

The ex- president didn't come to their defense. Instead choosing to remain silent. Rice and Powell  served the Bush administration loyally for eight years or better; unquestionably doing their bidding and carrying out an agenda of war and destruction throughout the Middle East and beyond. But when it's all said and done and they've been used and abused these token Negroes were once again rejected by the people they'd served.

Former secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld made similar allegations against Rice in his own memoir. I thought loyalty was supposed to be rewarded. However the wider point and question is:

-Is Dick Cheney lying now or was he lying when he was in office?
-If his credibility and character is suddenly in question, why wasn't it questioned before now?
-Why didn't they expose those lies back then, before tens of thousands of people were maimed and killed?

I've noticed from day one, Rice consistently gets thrown to the wolves when it comes to placing fault and blame. Sadly, believe it or not, if she could do it all again she would.

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