Wednesday, June 6, 2012


By Xavier James

In black culture it seems that it's completely acceptable for a 40 year old father to outlive his 16 year old son. That type of thinking seems to have become fundamental. It's what makes some black folks shrug their shoulders every time they hear about some teenage boy getting gunned down. But I ask you; should parents outlive their children? Absolutely not! Who has convinced black folks that such morbid thoughts and a pattern that leads to extinction was the natural order of things? Oops-don't answer that. Instead, answer this; would any other race put up with such a statistic? No, absolutely not. A black father standing over his son's grave actually goes against nature.

So, how do we fix it? That's the million dollar question isn't it? How do we fight what many perceive to be open warfare against black boys? Actually, its an easy but controversial remedy. Now.... I CHOOSE MY WORDS CAREFULLY. In all these years the court system has yet to deliver justice to the thousands and thousands of black boys callously gunned down by white cops. So,  it's up to the parents. A father and in most cases a mother, has to ask his or herself one question; Did I Love My Child Enough to Lay Down my Life For Theirs? Am I willing to face prison or death in seeking justice for my slain child? Is going out and seeking justice any way you can, by any means necessary actually a crime? Absolutely not.

Black folks are known for picketing, boycotting, crying and swelling up whenever the cops murder one of their children. You can turn to almost any television channel and see them weeping and begging for justice. But what if black parents became known around the world for taking the law into their own hands when it came to dealing with their murdered children? Young black boys being murdered by racists hiding behind a police badge would come to an immediate stop! If wannabe cop George Zimmerman knew Travon's father would be coming after him, and there would be dire consequences for pulling that trigger, that boy would be alive today! Now if a black man had killed little Trevon and not been arrested, the elder Martin would have got his gun, a baseball bat and two cousins and went looking for him. Yet more proof blacks have systematically been programmed to only kill each other!


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