Wednesday, May 25, 2011

You Have To Teach White Folks Their History

By Xavier James

A white woman came up to me the other day and asked if I had another copy of the DVD ‘Black Inventors and their Patents.’

“Sure, I’ll bring you a copy,” I shrugged.

“There are so many inventions Black people made and didn’t get credit or money for; like the cotton gin. I just found out it was a slave and not Eli Whitney who invented it. It’s a shame,” she shook her head.

This woman was probably about 60 years old. I immediately thought; “damn, if she knew this 40 years ago maybe she could have changed the world?” What do I mean by change the world? Forty years ago armed with information on black inventors this white woman could have told her white friends and they would have told their white friends and so on and so on until maybe some of the lies in their history books wouldn’t be there. We often forget that most white folks don’t know their own history. They’ve been lied to just like you. Their real history may be unpleasant and sometimes just plain horrible, but its important that they know it.

White supremacy requires keeping the wool over as many white folks eyes as it does all other races.
By immediately correcting false statements as soon as they leave a persons mouth you're going a long ways in making them think twice about spewing nonsense. It also helps chip away at white America's superiority complex that’s built entirely on lies. Use common sense. Why do you think white folks will not allow African Studies programs in their colleges and universities? Because then there would be no more white studies. Black studies would expose the mountain of lies this country was built upon. That would then lead to the elimination of everything printed in America since about oh....1700. Just on the topic of inventions alone, Black folks literally invented everything you see around you everyday. But the schools will only teach Black children about George Washington Carver.

You weren't taught how white folks stole their patents, killed them and took their ideas, reverse engineered their inventions and made laws keeping them from recieving financial benefits. Take the air conditioner for example; the man who invented the air conditioner should have been paid for life. His children, grand children and so on should be paid for life; but their not. Multiply that and add catagories like labor, law, politics,sex, religion, economics,education, entertainment, and war and you'll see why things really are the way they are. So, the next time you hear a white person quoting and regurgitating those erroneous lies about American history don’t be afraid to speak up; that's the only way its going to stop. A closed mouth will not get fed.
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