Thursday, March 17, 2011

Negro Teachers and Educators are the Worst Threat to Black Children in Decades

By Xavier James 
                                                              The other day my cousin told me about an automated phone call he received from Syms Middle School. It said the school’s principle was resigning; effective immediately. The message also stated that the assistant principal was taking over. A day later we found out the principal had struck someone’s child and the parents filed charges and a civil suit was likely. A few weeks earlier however, another student said the principal had put her hands on him and no one believed him.  But this time the out of control principal made the mistake of leaving at least a dozen witnesses.

Negroes swell with authority. That’s one of the reasons why they’re called Negroes. Black parents be advised: It’s not just the white teachers you have to watch out for it’s the Negro ones. White teachers are going to teach White Supremacy just as they’ve always done. Our job as parents is to counter that by teaching them the truth at home. Unless you’re home-schooling your children there are no other options. The public school system in America always has and always will teach white supremacy; Columbus the great, George Washington never told a lie, there were no Black presidents, few Black heroes or inventors existed, Egypt is not in Africa but the Middle East, etc. But the ongoing threat of Negroes trying to derail Black students is a new phenomenon. You have to get involved. Negro teachers are purposely overlooking trouble causing, academically slow,  white students and targeting Black ones. Why? Because they fear the parents of  their white studends; cautious not to have any negative friction whatsoever. However, they will attack the minor infractions of our Black students with hysterical retaliation.

Right now stop what you’re doing and go have a look at your children’s files; you know the file that goes with them from grade to grade and school to school. A lot of our children’s files are being “stacked” and filled with negative and often false statements, documents and notes that we as parents are completely unaware of; because we never go to the office and look at our own children’s records. Recently, several parents told me how bad, malicious teachers filled their children's files with false, negative and inflammatory reports, causing new teachers to view the child differently and making it impossible for their child to make a fresh start at a new school. For example; if your child keeps clashing with his/her math teacher and ends up getting suspended, that math teacher will then put negative statements in your child’s file. And it’s always the teacher’s side of the story. Never, ever assume that your child is always wrong when it comes to a teacher’s accusations. That’s the biggest mistake we as parents can make.

As it turns out far too many of these occurrences have led back to ‘Negro’ teachers. With the drop out rates of Black children at an all time high, you’d think Black teachers would be going all out to keep our children in school and out of the streets. The public school system has been in trouble for decades and it’s not getting any better. Check out the documentary ‘Looking for Superman’ and you’ll find out just how deep this problem goes. In most districts parents aren’t allowed access to a teacher’s file to find out about their work histories or complaints. In most districts criminal charges aren’t even allowed to be filed against teachers unless they’re caught red handed in a sexual abuse case. Teachers with huge disciplinary charges are still allowed to teach within the public school system. In most districts you can’t even deliver a warrant on school property and good luck trying to find a teacher’s home address in order to file charges.

In 2009-2010 all the students who committed suicide reported being constantly bullied and harassed. Yet, in every single case the school said the deceased child never reported any of the instances to staff members. Do you believe that? And in every case no teacher was ever fired or reprimanded. Teacher’s claim they want more parental involvement but they don’t. It’ a ploy. They currently enjoy the freedom to say whatever they want to your child and not face any repercussions. Teacher’s salaries continue to rise yet the quality of education has consistently declined across America since the 1980’s. And urban areas are the hardest hit. When my children were small my problems came from racist White teachers. Now, this new crop of self hating Negroes are out to gain favor in the eyes of the white educators by failing, suspending and mentally abusing our Black children.

One major solution is your involvement and your persistence. Get out there and fight for your kids. Contact other parents. When a concerned parent confronts a teacher the schools longstanding policy is to circle their wagons and deny, deny, deny. But parents who form a united front and challenge the status quo can make great strides when they work together. Remember, most teachers these days are just there to get a paycheck. So, when a situation involving your child arises don’t be afraid to dig. Schools depend on parents believing everything they say. Start asking the tuff questions. Show up at teacher's conferences and PTA meetings. And above all, don't be afraid to go over their heads; contact the superintendant of schools and the school board. Make phone calls, send letters and E-mails.

But remember, as soon as you begin to question the morals, intentions and judgment of these Negro educators you're going to be labeled that “problem parent.”  But when it comes to the well being of your child isn't that a good thing? Taken from:
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