Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New Big Momma's House Goes Bust!

By Xavier James

Martin Lawrence, who gave us one of the funniest, most creative sitcoms of all time, is strictly in it for the money now; and it shows. He knew the script was horrible when he read it but the zeros at the end of his check made him put the dress back on anyway. After seeing this movie, I can’t help but wonder if the cast threw up at anytime during rehearsals? I sure as hell wanted to. I like Martin Lawrence but this movie just plain sucked. The thin plot and slap stick comedy had me wishing a commercial would come on. But it didn’t. Instead, we’re forced to sit through 107 minutes of stereotypes and fat jokes; two fat guys playing Twister, a Latino woman(the school principal) that speaks broken English, Asians that can’t drive, the anorexic white girl and big, dumb jocks. When I woke up I looked to see if Tyler Perry’s name was in the credits. Nia Long, who played the love interest in the first two films, was very wise to bow out of this one. Although she was offered a lot of money she was somehow able to “just say no.” Besides, she couldn’t be caught dead anywhere near big momma with her new film Mooz-lum creating such a stir. If the title ‘Big Mommas; like father like son’ suggests passing the cross dressing torch to the next generation, they need to be advised; a Black guy in a dress “ain’t” funny no more- It’s just plain sad. From xavierjamesuncensored.blogspot.com
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