Monday, August 16, 2010

You have to change the 14th amendment....

...if you want to preserve White Supremacy in Amerikkka-you do! Most racists are not very smart, but the majority do think in the long term. They want their children and grand children to remain in charge after they die, and you can't do that unless you stop the birth rates of Blacks and Latinos. Statistics indicate that by the year 2050 the demographic make-up in America will go from White majority to White minority ( just like it did in the penal system) but changing the 14th amendment will only prolong the inevitable. Mexicans are pouring over the border like oil gushing from the gulf. But it was alright when White folks were exploiting them for cheap, back-breaking labor. Now that they've used them up and the economy is wrecked they want them(Mexicans) to just go away. Well they ain't and I don't blame them. One could argue they're just coming back home. Did you forget Texas,Arizona, Nevada,New Mexico, etc., were all theirs to start with?

But here's the big secret they're hiding and I'll tie it all in for you; so pay attention. The housing crisis was partially designed to take as much property, money and wealth out of the hands of minorities and put it back into the hands of the so-called elite. Once again they had to make sure the majority of this country's wealth stayed in the hands of their children and grandchildren after their gone. However, with an explosion in Black and Latino populations the voting demographic will drastically change. Blacks and Latinos will undoubtedly start voting Whites out of office in exchange for someone who looks like them. Elected officials make the laws that govern the financial institutions. You can have all the money in the world but you also have to control the flow and distribution of that money. By the year 3010 the House and Senate will look like the L.A. Lakers basketball team. Hense the so-called 'anchor' baby dilema and any baby born on  American soil debate of the 14th amendment. Got it?

I'm sure George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson are turning over in their graves to see the descendants of their old slaves running aroung telling White folks what to do. Well, if white folks had killed off the Mexicans centuries ago like they did the so called "Indians" they wouldn't be in this mess. taken from
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