Monday, August 23, 2010

The Future of the Public School System

By Xavier James

On Valentines Day 2010 the children in the all boy’s class at “Capt. Columbus” elementary school in Hampton, Virginia were chewing on their Valentine’s Day candy. Upon seeing this-the teacher, “Mr. Watson” in a seething homosexual slur, demanded that they “suck” their candy; “you can’t chew in my class you have to suck. Don’t chew, suck,” he demanded. This homosexual teacher, in a public school, in charge of instructing, molding and teaching these boys how to be men, was doing the exact opposite. One can only imagine why he’d be concerned about how little boys ate their candy unless it somehow fascinated him.

Or maybe watching first grade boys suck on lollipops somehow turned him on; you decide. But if ‘all men teach as they do’ then his annoying gay slur, female walk and mannerisms are being recorded and processed as acceptable, respectable and normal male behavior to this group of first grade boys. What’s also disturbing is that this all boy’s class exchanged Valentines Day cards intended for the opposite sex. Remember, there are no girls in their class. God knows if they go on a field trip they’d be paired off and taught to hold hands with each other. The overt and subliminal homosexual programming here is obvious.

This same school also includes an all girl’s class with no boys. Get the picture. A month later “Mr. Watson” told his boys to “say that you’re ‘gay’ whenever you’re happy,” because ‘gay’ means that you’re happy. Say you’re gay.” Gay hasn’t meant happy in over fifty years.

This ‘experiment’ was designed to prove that in a classroom setting girls presented a distraction for boys and vice versa. The architects of this plan insist that separating the sexes gave each group better grades. That’s debatable. Because the problem was never the children’s capacity to learn, it’s always been the teacher’s inability to teach. The sad but true fact is that most teachers gave up teaching years ago.

They only show up at school everyday just to get a paycheck. And they have no problem blaming our children for not learning what they’ve been unsuccessful at teaching. If the goal of school is to prepare children for life how does separating them along the gender line help? In every aspect of life, girls and boys, men and women are going to interact and compete on every level. Real life is full of distractions.

The military teaches aggression. Christian schools teach Christianity. And homosexual teachers teach homosexuality; by word or deed. It’s inescapable. Would you have an anti-war activist teach at a military academy? Would you let an anti-abortionist teach a class on stem cell research? No, and why not, because every truth would be blurred and every fact skewed and every viewpoint catered to fit their philosophy and agenda. Would you let a homosexual priest teach alter boys? Ooops.

Now that poses another question; If Christian priests can’t keep their hands off little boys how can you expect a homosexual male who believes he should’ve been born a women, to keep his views or his hands to himself? Just like within the Catholic Church pedophiles protect other pedophiles, let’s watch and see who comes to the defense of these homosexual teachers. It was no accident a homosexual male was placed in charge of these boys. The principal or school board is directly responsible and they knew it would be years before any parent knows the damage that’s been done to their child.

What gave them the right to put your son or daughter in harms way? This is yet another homosexual strategy to introduce gullible children to same sex environments at an early and impressionable age. And weather you approve, disapprove, agree, disagree, like it or not, you and your children are part of this far reaching plan. Welcome to the homosexual conspiracy!
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