By Xavier James

Should you feel sorry for a white man in America who doesn't have a job? No. Absolutely not. Of course I just increased my hate mail by another 33%. Not to mention being called racist; an allegation that is completely unfounded but also impossible.

Anyway, my colleague and I went to 7-11 on our lunch break. And posted up in front of the store was a young, 23 or 24 year old white guy begging for money. My co-worker gave him some change, I just kept walking. But my co-worker, who's Black by the way, felt like I should have contributed to the pot. I disagreed and here's why;

A long time ago a middle age white guy told me out of his own mouth; "I don't feel sorry for any white man in America who doesn't have a job. A white man can get a job, credit or property simply because of the color of his skin. If he ain't working its his own dam fault." That was 20 years ago and I never forgot it. And he was right. Most white men don't feel sorry for other white men who don't have a job, but I am expected to?

For centuries white men built a race based society and put mechanisms into place to guarantee their economic success. But he didn't stop there. He then put into place laws that would guarantee the economic downfall of all non-whites.

But by some miracle non-whites were able to succeed against all the calculated obstacles and oppression. And in many cases rise above many of the whites who laid traps for them. The white male has an entire society built for his success, however if one fails I'm required to feel his pain? Nonsense. And at the end of the day the white guy begging in front of the store isn't going to blame himself or his fellow countrymen for not having a job, no he's going to blame Blacks or Mexicans.

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