'Son of God' Movie is White America's
Vision of Jesus; Not the Rest of the World

By Xavier James

The new movie 'Son of God' is representative of Eurocentric thought and behavior.

That's why all you keep hearing white folks talk about is how "sexy" the guy playing Jesus is.

That's not unusual since Christians are the biggest freaks around. The words Jesus and sexy

shouldn't even be in the same sentence; it's a disrespect because you're dirtying it up.

The rest of the world actually does respect their religious symbols and take conversations

about them very seriously. And they're very protective of their images. But not white Americans.

Why is so much fuss being made over this so called "Sexy Jesus?" Well think about it; outside of

Hollywood most white men look like Andy Griffith, Barney Fife and Jack Black. But the real question is; how is it possible that in 2014 there's still no realistic portrayal of this mythical, Biblical character Jesus? Why not black Jesus? The Bible gives a good description of Jesus as having skin the color of sand (brown) and hair the texture of wool.

The Bible also gives clear geographical reference that makes it impossible for white

people to be descendants of that land. White people entered that land by means of invasion, However, they're always depicted as being native saviours and defenders. Similar to white folks today depicting themselves as Indians.

Well, here's why:

 White supremacy dictates that Jesus be white. If Jesus is white, so is his father-God. This goes back to my earlier work proving the Bible wasn't written for black folks or people of color anywhere. The Bible's racism was as clear as the images in this movie. What we think we know about God is controlled by those who control the image of God! UNDERSTAND! And as you can see white supremacists are still trying to control God, when they're not busy playing God.

Unfortunately, black folks are going to spend they're hard earned money to see "sexy Jesus" and feel good about doing it. All it takes is for white folks to tell them it didn't matter what color Jesus was.  Well, if it didn't matter, why not make him black? Because no one would pay to see that!

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