Friday, February 3, 2017

Three Rules of Thumb for Dealing with Racism in 2017

By Xavier James

1. Always use the term 'Coon' when talking about someone who has sold you out.
Fact: Coon is a strong word. Coons were created in America. The word itself came from white supremacists...use it! Part of identifying your oppressor is identifying his network of two faced preachers, entertainers, politicians, apologists and LAP DOGS.
2. Always use the term 'white supremacist'  when talking about disorderly, aggressive, lying, unscrupulous Caucasians.

Fact: Assume the white person you're talking to is a part of the white supremacist network. Why give them the benefit of the doubt? Until they prove otherwise understand that they are a suspected white supremacist.

3. When you see people talk sh*t about Donald Trump, then turn around and announce their support for Donald Trump; youre witnessing an act of white supremacy. Point it out!
Fact: White supremacists can disagree on everything. But the one thing they do agree on, vote on, come together on, is keeping you down. Birds of a feather always flock together, period.

Stockholm Syndrome and Its Effects on the Black Collective Mind: An Analysis
by Xavier James

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