Thursday, January 19, 2017

Cults Trying to Create a Genderless Society and Emasculate Black Boys


By Xavier James



Will a genderless society bring about equality? That’s what groups of insane white supremacists seem to believe. They are working tirelessly to make it impossible to distinguish a girl from a boy or a boy from a girl.


Meanwhile, others who share this ideology are merely intent on emasculating black males in order to control black culture. An effeminized black boy poses no threat to white supremacy and cannot protect his family.


Almost everything President Obama did while in office catered in some way to this genderless ideology. Everything homosexuals wanted he gave them with little regard to the other 90% of the American populace; talk about special privilege. They promote the idea that a two or four year old is sexually confused and needs help figuring out if they are a boy or a girl.


Charlize Theron, a Hollywood actress, should be a signal to all black folks how far a white supremacist will go to destroy the black child. Everyday she publicly humiliates her adopted black son by dressing him up like a girl. She didn’t go get a little white boy from her own culture and put a dress on him. No, she secured ownership of a defenseless child that knows nothing at all about gender, sex, or cross-dressing. Theron, a childless weirdo herself, had no experience in child rearing nor has any interest in leaning black culture for her adopted black child.


Is this an experiment to see how his pre-teen or high school life will turn out? Or is this to simply abuse him for her own amusement? Where is Child Protective Services during this public mockery of black culture? Where are all the activists who parade hungry children on television every night? No where to be found. Is it possible for a white woman with no parenting experience to buy black babies and teach them better then black parents? Not if they ever intend to get out of that Hollywood bubble and think for themselves.




This experiment in child development is rooted in white supremacist society. It comes with a condescending contempt for black families. But there is a precedent. She’s not alone. There are many others pushing hard to adopt and abuse black babies. And now these white supremacists are pointing to Will Smith as an example of exemplary child rearing.




Will Smith allows his son to wear women’s clothes and make-up; calling it Unisexual style. The Transgender movement is the predecessor to a new genderless society movement that’s on the way.


She wants to use the boys bathroom.

He wants to go back to being Bruce.


He loves being a woman.
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