Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Is it just Kelly Ripa or Do All White Women Seek to Dominate the Black Man?

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Do you remember that time you quit your old job and didn't give two weeks notice? You couldn't stand those bastards could you? And you couldn't wait until something better came along. And like a lot of white supremacist employers they'd try to f*ck you on your way out the door. So you knew better then to show your hand.

Well dam...gap tooth, bootlickin' walking stereotype Michael Strahan was so scared of Kelly Ripa that he didn't even tell the b*tch he was about to bounce. Several news outlets said Kelly Ripa was jealous of how fast Strahan rose to stardom after joining the show. Behind the scenes she tried to keep her thumb on him.

Instead of being happy for the brother who did everything she told him, including demeaning skits and sketches, she became increasingly envious. The flat chested, little boy- looking Kelly Ripa didn't like the idea of Strahan moonlighting two days a week on Good Morning America- and wanted to ruin that. My old lady sometimes watched the show and said Ripa always tried to out-shine him.

But like the SPOOK WHO SAT BY THE DOOR, Strahan used them, just as much as they were using him. And he  pulled himself up,  got his numbers up and got a better job; away from his haters- before they could find out and sink his career. So, I have to say KUDOS to the brother who played the game, scored a huge upset, got a better job, and a giant pay raise and did it all without ever having to get his gap teeth fixed.

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