Monday, December 21, 2015

Ben Carson is headed to where all Negroes go who let white supremacists handle their finances; into obscurity

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By Xavier James

He has already disappeared from the public conversation…

Ben Carson will be out of the race soon because he’ll soon be out of money. It’s being reported that his campaign managers are spending more then they’re taking in. Carson isn’t in charge of the money, he’s in charge of raising it. And as history has shown us, any, I repeat, any BLACK PERSON who allows white supremacists control of any large amount of money without looking over their shoulder, ends up broke and in debt every dam time. Tens of thousands, if not millions will soon be missing, fingers will start pointing and Uncle Ben will be calling on white JESUS to help him and forgive the thieves. He’ll also be denying any knowledge of where all the money went. The biggest mistake Ben Carson made, other then telling people he tried to stab his mother, was surrounding himself with Christians. That’s a sure way to end up broke, busted and disgusted every dam time!
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