Friday, November 27, 2015

January is Black Economy Month; will you not participate?

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By Xavier James


What better tradition to spark up then a black economy month? When Dr. Carter G. Woodson started black history month it was only a week but now black folks are studying black history 365 days of the year? This Black Economy Month is a time for you to withhold your black dollars from any other culture but your own. It's the time to go the extra mile to find the black business that has the product that you want.

Teach your children financial discipline. Black youth love clothes and gear. Explain to them that 99% of all clothes are made overseas for cheap and then depending on stitching patterns, are then labeled with designer labels and over-priced, then sold to them. Tell them that with a couple of patterns and a connection in China or Korea they can design their own clothes and sell them. A Black Economy Month will lead to Black Economy Years and inevitable shift in economic power. Introduce them to the work of Black Economists like Dr. Claude Anderson. Literally make them sit down and watch constructive documentaries on economics.

During Black Economy Month town hall meetings should be taking place all across America. How? Simple; reserve a room at your local library or church, pass out flyers, post the time and place on Face book and Craig’s list, then get busy. The people who show up will become your business and investment partners. Make sure everything is done in writing and with contracts. BACK ECONOMY MONTH ACTIVITIES INCLUDE:

For Further details join our group: Social and Economic Secrets of white supremacists at Google groups communities and learn.


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