Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Don't let some fool convince you not to vote because your vote won't matter: BULLS**T




By Xavier James



It appears common sense is not so common after all.


Take a look at who keeps telling you not to vote. It's usually some black guy between the ages of 22-42 and nine times out of ten, he has a felony that's preventing his own black ass from voting. So he doesn't want you to vote either.


Black women don't go around telling you not to vote. White women don't even go around telling black folks not to vote. No, they tell you who to vote for. White men don't go around telling you not to vote but they go out of their way to try and stop you from voting, period. Only the black man goes around telling gullible black folks not to vote.


Meanwhile, Latinos are steadily getting voted into office by other Latinos and holding huge influence over black districts. All the while some buck-dancing coon is trying to convince you not to vote because it won’t do any good. I always ask them; "BRU ARE YOU AN AGENT? BECAUSE THAT NON-SENSE YOUR TALKING SOUNDS LIKE SOME UNCLE TOM SH*T TO ME."


Democrats beg black folks to vote. Republicans do everything in their power to stop you from voting.

Young, white REPUBLICANS are literally going to jail for trying to stop black folks from voting. Yet, someone is telling you your vote don't matter. And if your silly enough to believe that you’re going to keep having bad teachers and shi**y schools. Where do you think the school board comes from? VOTING!


The MAYOR appoints the superintendent in some states while the city council decides in others. And who elects the city council; you. Who hires the CITY MANAGER that's responsible for your tolls and repairing the pot hole in front of your house? The Mayor that you elected; basically you!


That brings me to the picture of Allen Iverson above. You were wondering right; if it was a misprint? No, Iverson would not be a future NBA hall of famer if not for your black votes. You see, white supremacists convicted Iverson of serious charges while he was in high school. Although they knew he was innocent, they railroaded the young brother with false testimony and evidence.


But guess what? The first black governor in America, L. Douglass Wilder pardoned Iverson who went on to Georgetown and inevitably the NBA. White folks in Hampton Virginia were so jealous of his talent and popularity that they were hell bent on destroying the kid. If not for the overwhelming support of Virginia's black voters, Iverson never would have made it to the NBA and the record books because Governor Wilder wouldn’t have been there to save him.


White supremacists were so mad that Wilder had the power to overrule their treachery, smoke was literally coming out of their ears. So, the next time some coon runs up to you with that "ain't no need to vote" nonsense, you think about Allen Iverson and tell that fool to STFU and go sit down.



Virginia Governor L. Douglass Wilder, the grandson of slaves,
 beat white supremacists on numerous occasions

because black folks made their votes count.

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