Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Norfolk’s House of Consciousness Almost Got Away with It

 The Spirit of Ma'at Demands nothing less of her people then truth
and righteousness, period!


By Xavier James



When someone is selling out black America, every single black American is obligated to expose that person or entity. From Margaret Sanger to Bill Cosby to Planned Parenthood to the House of Consciousness in Norfolk, Virginia: No one gets a pass-especially from me. This is not about the good people who attend functions at the House of Consciousness nor their gullibility. This is not about division; it is merely a warning-to proceed with caution.


For the tens of thousands of you who have read, studied and thanked me for the information that I’ve given you over the years, I’ve always told you to do your own research; don’t just take my word for it. If I saw a bottom feeding pariah feeding off the black community, I’d pull your coat because you had a right to know.


I’ve never been in the slander business so therefore research and due diligence are the cornerstones of my journalistic integrity. The House of Consciousness came on my radar over three years ago after several people complained about the negative energy and grimy dealings of its owner, Andrea Walker. But I did not wish to cause confusion or antipathy among the conscious community, so I was soft on it and stayed silent. So, in many ways my silence showed complicity. BUT NO LONGER!


There were many details, facts and accusations that I purposely omitted from the article because they were bias or I had yet to substantiate the claims. However, since Andrea Walker chose to do damage control at the expense of My GOOD NAME, I have no choice but to expose all the information, facts and players that are before me.  


I’ve asked myself: Does someone’s personal life matter when it’s compared to their public persona? And the answer was YES; if you’re destroying black folks for personal gain. The information that I’ll soon be releasing on this Dre’a character isn’t just troubling; It conflicts with what most black folks consider moral. It's devoid of the goodness of human character. It’s just plain cesspool- style nasty! Be Warned.
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