Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Is the Mexican Cartel Really Coming After Trump?

By Xavier James

Would you give a flying f*ck if the Mexicans killed Donald Trump? I sure as hell wouldn't. It's funny how this big mouth bigot is asking the government to investigate, when there's nothing to investigate. It's a death threat from an escaped killer and drug cartel kingpin. What he's really asking for is protection from the Obama administration. I wonder how many racists are going to show up at Trump events knowing they could get bombed? He just put his whole family in danger for years. I'm waiting for Trump to tell the world he's not scared of El Chapo and keep talking sh*t. In fact, Trump will soon double down on his rhetoric or tone down and quietly drop out of the race in a few weeks.

Image result for el chapo guzmanImage result for rosie o'donnell
Donald Trump knows that beefing with El Chapo is different from beefing with
El Bull Dyke Rosie O'Donnel.
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