Tuesday, May 19, 2015

White Supremacists Told You to Have Pride


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Pride keeps black folks f*cked up in the game. I have never seen a white man have pride not to beg you for money. They’ll take a sign and stand on the side of the road in a minute. They’ll beg for a job and “Will Work for Food.” I haven’t seen one white comedy where someone isn’t passing gas or sh*tt*ng on themselves; picking their nose or masturbating on everything- absolutely no shame or pride. They’re running down the street naked or streaking at a sports event. They’ll put their own brother’s toothbrush in the crack of their a** when they’re mad at them; disturbing.


Meanwhile, a black man will see himself drowning in debt but pride won’t let him file bankruptcy. The black woman’s refrigerator will be empty but they won’t go get any food stamps. Meanwhile, 4 out of 5 people on food stamps are WHITE. The white supremacists gave you pride, meantime he’s sucking up all the worlds resources.


If a black man wins 10 grand in the lottery, he’ll take his family to the mall. The white man will still go to the same thrift store he’s been going to. Clothes are clothes. Most white folks dress dam near like bums and so doe’s the so called yellow man. But the people with the least amount of disposable income (money) are wearing the most expensive sh*t.


 Don’t let people with absolutely no shame or pride define for you what pride looks like- because they have absolutely no clue. You don’t have to be raunchy like you’re white counterparts but when you need something open your damn mouth and speak it into existence.


It appears common sense is not so common after all. Don’t let white supremacists f**k with your head.

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