Wednesday, May 20, 2015

How Did Reggae Festivals turn Into All White Affairs?

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Is this the new face of

By Xavier James

They had white sponsors, white organizers, white groups, and white folks at the gate collecting the money. How did this happen? White Supremacists poured white women on the Rasta men and now Rastas are WHITE! Am I lying? Of course not. And what’s funny is that these white Rastas are the well to do children whose parents were locking up, beating and marginalizing black folks for decades. Confused? Let me help you.

This weekend, I went to a Reggae Festival in Hampton Roads Virginia. I saw white men, most with dreaded up hair, playing bongos, drums and on stage playing and singing Reggae. It was a shameful farce. The so called den mother, was a white woman with dreaded up hair. Damn, I thought the meaning of Rasta was black.

But all the vendors were black or Rasta. The Rasta’s who did come out weren’t spending any money with their own. Regular black folks came out in support and to have fun; they were spending their money. And of course white folks (flower children throwbacks) who be “all dreaded up,” spent money. Although it was obvious the white girls were there to pick up black guys. All the economics were controlled by white folks.

Did the Rastafarians sell out? Is this just happening in America? What are the Rasta’s doing about it? It now seems REGGAE MUSIC AND CULTURE IS BEING CONTROLLED BY WHITE FOLKS; at least in America. I wonder what’s happening in the Islands.

People of color have to learn to say “NO.” By the time you learn to keep your culture, rituals and traditions to yourself, they won’t be yours anymore. In 100 years all Rastafarians will be WHITE; except for legend Bob Marley and then historians will say, “well, you know his father was white.”


Image result for white rastas in jamaica


Image result for white rastas in jamaica


Once the white woman gets a hold of the
Rasta man……he’s done!

If you Rasta’s (gots) to have a white woman, go ahead, but have the decency to tell her to stay the F**k in her lane and out of your business; keep her regular EUROPEAN hairstyle, dress and lifestyle-she don’t need dreads. When you were chasing her down the street, she had her regular BECKY WHITE GIRL HAIR, THEN YOU WANT TO TURN HER RASTA. White supremacists are going to take your islands and put you all on reservations.



 "Get your hands out that devil's hair!"

I guess he's feeling IRIE


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