Friday, March 6, 2015




By Xavier James


There is no documented evidence anywhere that Africans or Native Americans ate people; period- end of story. However, in movies and school we were told that white folks were getting cooked and ate by peoples of color.


Fact: Europeans were eating people around the world- then lied and said it was Africans.


I told you a while back my wife’s great uncle use to tell all family members to stay out of West Virginia because that’s where the descendants of the pilgrims migrated to; and they were cannibals. This was a Native American who retold the accounts of his ancestors. There’s not one tribe in America that can’t tell you the oral history of white folks eating each other. Go ask them!


Two and a half years ago a story came out about the forensic discovery of a young, teenage girl buried at Jamestown settlement that had been eaten. After decades of lying, white folks finally admitted the early settlers ate each other to death.


The settlers also use to dig up the bodies of the dead and eat them to keep from starving. It doesn’t get more depraved then that does it? Where do you think most of the worlds diseases came from? Having sex with livestock and having sex with dead bodies and then eating the dead bodies! You don’t think that sh*t just appears in your body and bloodstream?

Vlad the Impaler aka Dracula was an- eat you while you were still alive- type guy. They have paintings of him eating people while they were dying.


They’re still eating each other but would prefer your Dark Meat with hot-sauce!


Jeffery Dahmer loved to eat dark meat!

Ed Gein would eat you now or

Dig you up and eat you later.





2014…NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — A Tennessee man, Gregory S. Hale, 37, was arrested at his home and charged over the weekend with dismembering the body of a woman and eating part of her corpse in a bizarre case that's perplexing to even law enforcement in a small pastoral town.

National geographic ran a story about a PILGRAM who killed his wife and ate on her all winter long.

The Donner Party- 1847, an entire caravan of white folks chowed down on each other. They was like “give me one foot and an ear to go please.”

Look up: little boys bodies buried under Benjamin Franklins House. White supremacists will tell you that old Ben had rented the house to a doctor who used dead bodies for research. Nonsense! You don't bury dead bodies under your own house unless you're trying to hide them. and it just so happens all his research was on young boys; no adults...really? STOP LYING. I bet they found Benjamin franklin's DNA all over those bodies!


Now, go look up ‘List of incidents of cannibalism’ and learn and teach real white history.



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