Monday, February 23, 2015

Why are Women Running Off to Meet ISIS Men?

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By Xavier James


Let me think about it for a second. Hummmm, these ISIS cats got women open like that? Their rap game is so smooth it makes females run for the border...for real?


I can’t even get my old lady to rub my feet half the time but these cats got females running away, traveling thousands of miles and willing to marry total strangers? And they can’t even see these men’s faces!  


How bad is your situation that you run off and marry a bunch of men cutting off peoples heads? How bad is your country treating you to make you go out like that? GOD DAM, somebody aint telling me something.


Is ISIS as smooth as Berry White?

Is Pimping Really That Easy?




1.) They want their life to mean something. Women have always been the backbone of any movement. Her words can ignite rage or utter bliss. These women feel like they’re joining a rebellion. Tired of their strawman slave owned by corporate banks (look it up), they’re opting out of what this society dictates their lives should be.  It’s the adventure of a lifetime, honestly.


But they don’t know if they’ll end up an ISIS fighter, wife or whore. Either way, your life expectancy tremendously decreases when you’re hanging around ISIS. As long as you know that part of your wifely duties will include running from house to house ducking bombs-good luck with that.  


2.) They’re tired of bitch n*gg*s with picket signs, petitions and weird Arabic names thinking they’re doing something; and ain’t doing sh*t. They crave alpha males who at least stand up for something-even if it’s wrong. The more outrageous and bold the media paints ISIS the more glamorous and appealing they become to the feminine psyche. And the more women want to be apart of that mysterious, enigmatic lifestyle (dogma).


3.) They’re tired of their men acting like women, wearing make-up, perfume, and pedicures and calling themselves metro-sexuals. She’s tired of working two jobs while he sprouts philosophy all day. They’re looking for men aspiring to get something more out of life then a car with rims and ‘them new Jordans.’


4.) The effiminization and homosexual-ization of males in their environment sickens them. We now live under the thumb of homosexual supremacy. That’s why you see Bruce Jenner on the news everyday dressed like a woman and every television and talk show has homosexual themes.  To some women, this UNATURAL ORDER that now consumes WESTERN SOCIETY (WESTERN SOCIETY MEANS WHITE SOCIETY) is running them straight into the arms of alpha males who at least stand for something.


My advice to you is to not to let your children watch filthy sh*t on television. Unbalanced sh*t going into your brain computer is equal to unhealthy sh*t going into your body.

Don’t let your kids watch movies with men wearing dresses or cartoons with suspect characters.

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Recognize that it’s social programming. Let EUROPEANS DO WHAT THEY’VE DONE FOR OVER 800 YEARS. And you do what your own Ancestors and cultural past has dictated for at least 80,000 years, because Bruce Jenner sure as hell aint the way. What has always been considered normal in EUROPEAN CULTURE has always been considered ABNORMAL in AFRICAN CULTURE. When you try to reconcile between the two, you run the risk of becoming as unbalanced as Bruce Jenner!


Don’t let your kids see that their father is a flimsy, blow wherever the wind blows 

 man who won’t stand up for nothing and will take anything someone gives him. Bring your children up with a love of self and their own history and culture and they will not run towards any religion, false prophet, Jim Jones, fake JESUS, Osama terrorist organizations that pops up.

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