Friday, January 2, 2015

Is God Punishing White Supremacists for Disrespecting Her People of Color?


By Xavier James


Wait a minute now, America’s second most beloved televangelist, Pat Robertson, said Haiti’s Hurricane was retribution from his God for having their 1791 slave uprising.

But I can’t talk about my vengeful God? Please!


White America has been trying to hide her dirty little secret like an unwanted pregnancy.


There is a Public Health Crisis going on as we speak in what was once called “THE SUBURBS.” It is unspoken. It is steadily emerging and growing-and it is in my view UNSTOPPABLE: IT IS A DRUG EPIDEMIC OF MONSTER PROPORTIONS:

Heroin, Vicodin, Percocet – White kids crave it all!


According to the latest statistics:


All of these new drug addicts are entirely white, Middle Class and Suburban.


There are Masses of homeless whites in small town America with ruined dreams and shattered families. In fact, interstate 91 has been dubbed Heroin Highway.” All across Hicksville USA small town living has gone from heaven to purgatory.


Prostitutes now hide out in the shadows of Mayberry, while Sheriff Andy sells them smack and Barney Fife gets off watching them shoot up. Aunt Bee use to cook apple pies but now she’s cooking cold, hard meth.


These Oxycontin addicts have run out of prescription refills and have turned straight to the local heroin dealer. White men, women and children as young as thirteen years old, are trolling the streets of Norman Rockwell’s America, twitching like zombies; desperate to get high. And will do absolutely anything to stay high.


Empty town’s liter Middle America because industry died, fled, relocated-outsourced; replaced by representatives of Merck and Pfizer-selling narcotics 24 hours a day. And once the legal drug dealers at Walgreens and CVS tells their addicts “no,” Cousin Bubba behind the Pigly Wigley tells them ‘yes.’


Vermont is the #1 dope fiend capital of America. Mitt Romney’s Mormon Capital, Utah, has open air drug markets that rival a scene from New Jack City; only its white folks buying and selling. The epidemic is so out of control, some pharmacies are refusing to sell the narcotics because they keep on getting robbed. And despite the unusual sympathy the police extend to these white, drug offenders, they are powerless to stop it.


CNN is devoting show after show after show in America’s heartland, trying to draw awareness to white America’s filthy, cesspool secrets. This is called Universal Balance. What you send out comes back to you.


As the sun sets on Middle America and the streets become filled with the walking dead, tell Pat Robertson white America’s drug epidemic is God’s hurricane….Her punishment…Her retribution.



*Look up Operation Stolen Youth and go from there.

*Look up Synthetic Drug Rings

*White teen overdoses





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