Monday, January 26, 2015

If You Stand Against Racism (White Supremacy) the Government is Coming After You

By Xavier James

If you're against racism (white supremacy) the government is coming after you. That's nothing new you say? No it's not. But what is new is their tactics and technology. The game doesn't change- people. But the players do. In case you missed it, I already pulled your coat about Xbox One and all video gaming systems to come- having been fine tuned with cameras that can see inside your house, pivot 365 degrees and respond to voice command.

It is Trojan horse technology that will put many of you in prison because white supremacists will, not if, spy on you to build a case. My advice is to unplug it when you're not using it. And to do or say nothing that can be used against you in court whenever you're playing your games. Keep it in a separate room or don't buy it at all.

I also told you about the radar detector device they use to see inside your home. This allows them to see if you're home before getting the warrant or kicking down your door. It is an inferred style device and can be beaten the same way you beat any inferred vision device. For Gods sake, Google it. Now, I'm about to drop more jewels on you.

A.) If you don't like your name and consider it a slave name consider this: Whenever you change your name from say, "Bobby Johnson" to say, Abdul Muhammad, your name immediately goes on a government watch list. That's right, the FBI immediately flags you. And not just you, but your family as well. That's right. They open a secret investigation into you and your family that dates back to your birth. This includes everything from your credit card purchases to your past and future travel schedule. That's Muslim names. And recently updated to include Moorish names. 

B.) Now, here's an economic Jewel white supremacists have been using against you for years in some states: If your car is registered to you and only you, if you die the vehicle goes to the state; not to your next of kin. Yes, read that again then check with your state and see if it applies there. Then add a relative or friend to your car’s title.

 C.) Watch Forensic Files. This program is the quintessential how to get away with murder or how they almost got away with it- television guide. They expose all police tactics....period. Watch and learn.

D.) Don’t post or make threats online from your computer. When you post threats or insight violence the government via your local municipalities, use your IP address to locate the computer the threat came from, then lock you up. Go to a public place, under an assumed name out of camera view if you wish to post anything controversial.


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