Friday, December 5, 2014

White Americans not Safe anywhere in the World; Period


By Xavier James


Most of the world view America's white men as cowards. Never mind what I think. That's what they say on countless blogs and websites. The three white sailors who ran like cowards from a few Turks last month proved their point.


It was no surprise for me to see five cops ‘Jump’ one old, fat black guy-that's how white mobs have always operated. It's always taken multiple white men with guns and sometimes dogs, to stand up to one black man.



But these new cases- in this new, video era have the attention of the whole, wide world. This week a white woman school teacher shopping in Abu Dhabi was stabbed to death.  And U.S. citizen, Luke Somers is about to lose his head somewhere near Syria. And its hard for anyone to be sympathetic. That's how hate begets hate. It makes people want to take up the cause of the oppressed; no matter how radical they may become. They'll attack the people they can- because they can't get to the people they want.


When America has been exposed to the world as  frauds and hypocrites running a mob-ocracy (ruled by a mob), people naturally become enraged. They see the racism and gross injustice coming from a country pointing its finger at someone else's human rights record instead of its own.


As bombs are dropped indiscriminately on Arabs and drones follow Muslims around town, you have to wonder what in the hell makes American white folks think they're welcome anywhere outside of America.


Blacks in Ferguson begged Russian

President Putin for help. Sources say Russians are glued
to their televisions watching in shock as a weak President Obama
does nothing to help blacks across America who
 are being gunned down by White Supremacists.

Young Woman shot in face with rubber bullet during

Ferguson protests was saved from losing her
eye but sustained permanent damage.


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