Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Police are Not Your Only Enemy Under Racism; White Supremacy


 By Xavier James

Don’t keep telling your kids it's just the police against black men, when you know it’s a lie. Point out all their enemies. The police on the street do the bidding of their bosses. They don’t create public policy; they enforce it. They are merely the line between white supremacists and people of color in America.

It is the magistrate who won’t allow black folks to file charges against these skin heads. It is the prosecutor who won’t prosecute crooked cops. It is the judge who gives black folks stiff sentences for crimes white folks only get slapped on the wrist for. Mayors, city council and police commissioners  set policy and protect murderous cops. It is a complete system.

Most countries and most states have done away with a secret grand jury. Don’t you find it strange that a black man can get an indictment in the mail without any evidence of wrong doing? Every year prosecutors run thousands of names before secret grand juries and tell them black people are involved in drug deals. They vote ‘yes’ at the prosecutors bequest and a warrant is issued for your arrest. Would you like to know where these names come from? The police.

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