Thursday, October 2, 2014

Liberian American Not Given Same Life Saving Drugs as White Americans

By Xavier James

A CDC representative told CNN that they don't have anymore of the drugs that they rushed the white healthcare patients back and gave them; SAY WHAT? Are we really supposed to believe that?
Then when Duncan (patient zero) went to the hospital, they turned him away with Ebola symptoms; SAY WHAT? There's only one reason why they sent him home from the hospital the first time.

A. They deliberately wanted him to get sick and spread Ebola throughout the hood. Something big is going down! OR

B. The CHRISTIAN hospital (Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital)(What Did I Tell You 'Bout Them Christians?) where he went has an absolutely incompetent doctor and staff. Check this out. Here's something you don't know: Aside from a few interns, Most Emergency Room Doctors are the bottom of the barrel when it comes to healthcare. They are the ones who got the worst grades in school, or got sued and fired from a hospital for killing someone due to malpractice and misdiagnosis.

It's being reported that patient zero(Thomas Eric Duncan) didn't tell the airport he was in contact with a pregnant Ebola patient who died, before boarding the plane to America. AND? Would you rather die in Liberia, or fly to America where they already cured three people?Besides, if no one can catch it until you start having symptoms, no one caught it. You can call him African but you can't call him stupid! Now, a white, female journalist said she wasn't even asked if she came in contact with Ebola patients before she left Liberia. I wonder why?

Did you know the contaminated, sweaty sheets and towels are still on the bed at the apartment where patient zero slept when he arrived back from Liberia? The children who live there with him were still going to school up until a few days ago. They are now in quarantine and without food. Go figure. And you know Duncan got laid. Oh yeah, they hadn't seen each other in a while. And whoever he had sex with got his sweat and sperm and saliva all over her. God help them all!

They were cured. But ran out of medicine to give the African-American Duncan.
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