Friday, October 10, 2014

From Kings of Comedy to King of the Coons

By Xavier James

Steve Harvey is getting racist Paula Dean to mentor black boys. She's going to teach them how to clog their arteries up with pork and grease. Just when you thought Tyler Perry’s King of Coons crown was safe, here comes Steve Harvey to plant his soup coolers on Racist Paula Dean’s ass!

Steve Harvey is on his way to COONSVILLE; and thumbing his nose at black folks along the way. Every time you black folks support these brothers, they turn around and say ‘f*ck you!’ Obama went into the White House shooting basketball and will leave playing golf. That’s how Negroes act when they sell you out.

White folks “ain’t” on television talking about getting Paula Dean to mentor their boys. She's not a roll model to white people but you Negroes will eat, drink and take anything these racists shovel. Steve Harvey went from N*gg*r to black to African- American to Negro to Coon; all within a few  years.

Black boys need black men mentors; not old, rich white women looking for redemption  So, I guess Ice Cube or Chris Rock weren't available? White folks didn't even want Paula Dean to be the face on their slaughter houses. Yet we continue to pick up their white trash. What’s in her back ground to make her qualified to teach/mentor black boys? When did endorsing swine and high blood pressure become cool?

 It’s been all Negroes so far hollering about forgiving Paula Dean- not (most) white folks! Is Paula dean out in the streets demanding the police stop shooting down our black boys? No. But neither is Steve Harvey or Obama.

Harvey also realizes that his actions may receive criticism from bloggers, so he has asked them to also write “that I don’t give a damn.” Well, NEGRO you "ain't" the male version of Oprah and if black folks had any sense they’d show you that. Usually, black folks who do things of this nature-owe people big time. And the powers that be are making Steve Harvey pay up. You see, no ones above the casting couch. After all that trash talking, King Steve Harvey the great, bent his ass right on over that casting couch, didn’t he! OUCH!
laugh now, cry later: Steve is desperate to endear himself to white folks
and gain the approval of white supremacists.

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