Monday, August 18, 2014

Why Michael Brown's Body was Left Out in the Street

By Xavier James

The reason why the police left Michael Brown's body in the street for  hours- with blood running from his body, is to send a message. A lot of black folks don’t understand symbolism. The greatest image in the world is a visual image.

A young, black man laid out dead in the street for four hours tells the black community ‘this is what you’ll get if you challenge the police. This is what you’ll get if you challenge white supremacy.” But not just in Missouri, this message was meant for all of black America. The body being on display for four hours gave time for black folks who were getting off work, to come view the teen’s body and be traumatized along with everybody else.

It’s always been done that way by white supremacists. When black men were lynched down south, they weren’t cut down. They were left to dangle like nothing. Black folks had to go back later to cut them down and bury them. Sometimes they would hang there for days with signs on them. This is all done to keep black folks across America in line. The cover-up, media bias and slander also goes to show who's in control and all powerful. It's all done to make you give up and not struggle. Again, I’ll ask you; will you not fight to live?

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