Tuesday, August 5, 2014

White Supremacists had Me Banned from Facebook for Exposing their Plans to Disseminate EBOLA

BY Xavier James

If you think that Facebook is without an agenda, guess again.
After revealing to you on Facebook that white supremacists were testing out a new strain of Ebola on Africans and were planning on unleashing it in a highly populated black city-I was banned from Facebook and my Facebook account suspended. Not even two hours later came news reports of two white healthcare workers being transported back to America with Ebola- to be treated here. Usually, America would hide that sort of information from you, right? Not wanting to cause widespread panic. But this time its all over the news. WHY? Because when they start spreading EBOLA to black folks here, they'll be able to claim it got out of the lab when the two workers were brought home for treatment; creating a direct- although false- connection.

Oddly enough, as many hateful, disrespectful, ignorant things that racists were saying on my page- I got banned instead of them. Their plan is to keep me from schooling y'all about what's going on out there. This concerns me. And should reinforce to you how serious and powerful white supremacists are. That infuriates me. So, I've  decided to reveal more to you then ever before-especially economic secrets white supremacists definitely don't want you to know about. Over the coming weeks I will be informing you of where to go  on the web to retrieve the information. These jewels will detail how to survive the economic circumstance people of color have been forced into. White supremacists have taught us nigganomics for so long that- it's all some of us really know. It's time to exercise our true power potential.



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