Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Movie “The Purge 2” Exposes the Truth About White Supremacists and their Continuing Ideology of Genocide

By Xavier James

Millions are flocking to the movies to see fellow White Supremacists PROPAGANDA FILM ‘The Purge 2.’ The success of the first Purge film ensured a second and third- about senseless killings and rapes that you can get away with for one night only.

Actually, white supremacists have been purging and getting away with it since America was founded. The subliminal message in this movie is; ‘keep killing and purging America of  “minorities” and “Poor White Trash” so that we can maintain our dominate role in society.

That’s why the recent rash of deaths by police against unarmed blacks in NY and other places is equal to the lynching deaths that occurred in previous years. In fact, young black men are still being lynched today; you just don’t hear about it. Yeah, they hang them during certain times and days of the year (usually during some celebration or commemoration) and tell you it was a suicide. That’s their purging. Look it up!


The first ‘Purge’ movie was about a white family who took in a young black man that other white folks were trying to kill-for no reason. So, the N!gg*r lovers had to die, too. They always show you through movies what’s popular thought in the dominate society.

People in the second ‘Purge’ movie kept killing and quoting that it was their God given right granted to them by their new founding fathers (as opposed to the old founding fathers)-one in the same. Even at an elementary school level one can decipher the overt propaganda of a snuff film from simple entertainment.

The final scene of the movie was a room full of rich, white folks bidding on the opportunity to hunt down and kill black folks and poor white trash for an outrageous price; while others watched. In fact, no rich folks or politicians were killed in the movie-period (except by accident).

 To quote the rich white man and organizer of the purge:

“Its not much time left in this year’s purge. Now- get out there and make yourselves better Citizens. God be with you all.”  That sounds eerily familiar. Wake up people!

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