Friday, June 13, 2014

Black Parents: Watch Out for the Gifted School Trap


By Xavier James

One day a white, female teacher will send a letter home telling you how smart or intelligent your child is. Then, she'll call and tell you that there's an opening at a nearby school for the gifted. Finally, she'll send paperwork for you to sign in order to send your child there.
 The white, female teacher is hypothetical, but that's usually who white supremacist's send because she's believable. Black folks have always believed the white, female teacher. No matter how many times she told us that Columbus discovered America and George Washington never told a lie, we trusted her; to our own demise.

Now, they've set up a GIFTED SCHOOL TRAP for black kids. If you send your honor roll child to their GIFTED SCHOOL, their workload increases, the method of teaching changes, and the courses are significantly harder by design. And most (not all) grade on a 5 point scale. Your 4.0 child can go from a 4.0 average to a 3.0 overnight. When colleges start handing out those big-time academic scholarships your child will be passed over; all because his/her GPA (Grade Point Average) has crumbled. Cumulative GPA is always what's looked at when determining scholarships.

 The availability of programs and services for gifted students depends mostly on where a student lives and what state, school district or school he or she is in. White, school administrators keep spewing numbers about black boys missing from gifted school programs, yet they are the very ones who created the SCHOOL TO PRISON PIPELINE in the first place; go figure. They put them out of school then complain about black boys missing from their programs. That’s the red herring.

 I visited two so called GIFTED SCHOOLS and did further digging. There were a lot of students there that were BLACK! Since when in the history of America has white folks given free higher education to black kids on a grand scale? NEVER! And with the dropout rate as high as it is among Blacks and Latinos, where are gifted school finding all these candidates?
Just yesterday, white teachers were pushing black parents into putting their kids into special education classes to ruin them. Now, they're pushing them into these advanced courses. I'm not buying it!

They're taking the best of the best honor roll students and making sure they don't get the needed academic scholarships. They’ll have to pay for college; making it tougher to get into a good college. And at the same time, making sure you're kids are heavily in debt because of student loans that take twenty- plus years to pay off.  Since it's become tougher for white supremacists to discriminate on applications that say Jamal or Shamika, racists had to come up with another strategy; the School for the Gifted. Hell, we all know black kids are gifted, creating a majority of everything we use in society today; from the air conditioner to the gas masks our soldiers wear in Iraq.

 If your child is already doing excellent in school don't let white supremacists derail the kid and they miss out on that much needed scholarship. My advice to you is to do your homework. Find out the difference between AP classes, charter schools and magnet schools. Study the tactics of these mis-educators. White supremacy hasn't changed; it's being reworked and tweaked. Get involved- that's how we'll beat these white supremacists- ALL DAY EVERYDAY!

These were the first teachers of black children.
You and I both know what they were doing
to these children. Have they changed?

'My fav students!!' On Tuesday Amato posted several photos on Facebook of her posing with some of her students
 Another teacher arrested for having sex with her
underage students.

underage students.Stephanie Amato handed herself in to authorities at the Special Victims Unit on Wednesday night

Philadelphia teacher, Stephanie Amato, 30, has been charged with offenses including involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, statutory sexual assault and corruption of a minor

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