Thursday, April 10, 2014

Al Sharpton's Regret is a Cautionary Tale

Al Sharpton's White Supremacist Friends Used

Him and Threw Him Away.

Poor Al Sharpton spent decades building up his name, only to have everything he built torn down overnight. Every news outlet in the country is carrying the story of how Al Sharpton was a government informant. News outlets are calling him "Rev. Rat." Deciding to flip after being caught on tape making a drug deal back in the early 1980's, he began wearing wires. The people who released this information were hoping black folks would start hating Rev. Al Sharpton, because we hate snitches.

But what white folks don't know is that; WE DON'T F**K WITH WITH AL SHARPTON LIKE THAT NO WAY! I mean, he was alright, but black folks knew that if you were ever in trouble and you called Al Sharpton, you better have your money right. He was a self serving opportunist. Don't get it twisted, Al Sharpton loves black folks but money comes first. Any mob guy who was dumb enough to deal with a sweaty, 300 pound, permed hair, sweat suit wearing- Al Sharpton back in the 80's, deserved to go to jail. I mean, what the hell were they thinking. The dude wore a perm and hung out with Don King.

But the new and improved, skinny Al Sharpton who changed his life, couldn't escape his checkered past. The same people who made a name for themselves-including big time promotions- prosecuting

mob guys thanks to Reverend Al, have all turned on him. These agents who coerced Sharpton into wearing wires, after promising him complete amenity, have thrown him to the wolves. It's yet another perfect example of how white supremacy works. He served these white supremacists to the best of his ability, even putting his life on the line, and in the end they didn't keep their word. Have they ever?

If there was ever a cautionary tale, this is it. It's yet another example of why black folks don't f@#k with the police unless we have to! They're grimey! They did not hesitate to put Sharpton and his family in danger from mob retaliation. In order to leak that much detailed information, which included documentation, someone high up had to release it. The purpose was to bring Sharpton down because this 'uppity Negro' has gained too much power. He's meeting with President Obama, mayors and is an intelligent black voice on MSNBC with his own show.

In my opinion, the law enforcement agency(white folks) who released this information got paid! And its highly probable they'd been blackmailing Sharpton all these years and he got tired of paying. That's how he got so skinny, waiting for that other shoe to drop. The press is trying to tell us its because of the FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT that this information became public. Well, everyone reading this article, try and use The FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT and get information on big drug deals and see what happens. You get back bullsh!t. I know, I've tried.

Honestly, if you're a big fan and supporter of Rev. Al Sharpton and his NATIONAL ACTION NETWORK, cut the man some slack. He snitched and reported the murderous activities of white folks to other (far less murderous) white folks. When white folks do what he did they call them whistle blowers and pat them on the back. Funny isn't it.

Do you remember last month when I wrote: NO MATTER HOW RICH AND FAMOUS YOU ARE WHITE SUPREMACISTS WILL THROW YOU AWAY WHEN THEY'RE DONE- well do you believe me now?

Fat Al v/s Skinny Al. We like the new Al better. But the feds wont let fat Al die.

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