Friday, March 28, 2014

My Malaysian Flight 370 Theories

By Xavier James

It seems everybody has a theory (opinion). So I'll add mines.

1. The airplane never took off and the passengers are kidnapped and tortured.

2. The Chinese want to attack and take over Malaysia like Russia is doing Crimea; so they shot down a plane full of their own citizens to get the ball rolling.

3. Any debris that they find now is debris that Malaysia's government is throwing into the water because they're tired of the Chinese breathing down their necks.

4. Flight 370 was a plane full of spies mixed in with unsuspecting travelers. A government (China, Malaysia, U.S. etc.) shot them down, cleaned up the debris and made up a story.

5. The plane crashed in the mountains (not over water). The Chinese are going through the wreckage and getting important documents before they announce they found it.

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