Friday, March 28, 2014

Has President Obama become a Positive or Negative Energy in Our Lives

By Xavier James

It's a legitimate question isn't it? How do you feel when you see President Obama on television; anxious...disgusted....distrustful or maybe even fearful? These are all negative emotions.

Honestly, to me, the brother I voted for has become a negative energy who insists on bringing imbalance. Most recently, Obama-care has been confusing and divisive. After implementing those lame sanctions, the Russians think he's a joke. But it was his blatant disrespect of Russian President Putin (sending an openly gay delegation to the Sochi Olympics to create havoc) as to why the Russians no longer respect him.

Obama was hoping these gay agitators would provoke Russian homosexuals to start drama, disrupt the Olympics and embarrass Putin- who spent 50 billion dollars on the Sochi games. That didn't work. Now, he's in Europe, all up in their business when we need him here fixing the economy. As much natural gas and oil as Europe gets from Russia, he has to know sanctions would hurt Europe and America more then Russia. And despite America's takeover of Iraq and Afghanistan, the President still claims the moral high ground. Meanwhile, he watches as the Israeli's regularly grab land from the Palestinians.

But it's his undying support and implementation of all things homosexual that bothers me most. He displays a reckless disregard when anyone comes between him and his homosexual agenda. You see, Obama handily imposes homosexual laws on his fellow Americans, but the stunt he pulled in Sochi was problematic. He blatantly defied Russian law. Now Putin intends to show the world how soft Obama really is. For a guy who promised so much hope seems like a man obsessed with homosexuals and intent on spreading their imbalance.

The U.S. Ambassador the Obama Administration sent to Benghazi was a flaming homosexual. To send him to an Arab country was a blatant disrespect and contributed greatly to his death.

The homosexual controlled media didn't tell anyone that. They wanted you to think it was all about terrorists. His Safe School's Czar was a gay male who supported NAMBLA (man and boy love).

Like it or not his decisions affect each and every one of us. President Obama has been called the Anti-Christ by some and a Godsent by others. What has he represented in your life?

President Obama-staking his
legacy on his homosexual agenda.

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