Monday, April 29, 2013

Professional Athelete comes out of Closet in Order to Advance his Career

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By Xavier James

Once again I was the first person to tell you that we were living in the era of homosexual supremacy and what they want, they get. So, it was only a matter of time before some 7 foot tall Mandingo descendant was pushed into making white folks proud.

He's being called the gay Jackie Robinson. Say what?  A weak player who goes from team to team riding the bench is hardly a Jackie Robinson. There never seems to be a shortage of Colored folks waiting to join the homosexual cause. Believe me, somebody put him up to it. You know they told him he could write his own ticket after he leaves the NBA. And anybody who says anything negative about him is going to be destroyed by the homosexual powers that be.

"Jason Collins is what we've all been waiting for," gay activists are screaming from the roof.

Now, get ready for the interviews and accolades that comes with being a mascot for the homosexual movement. All the stars are calling him and telling him how brave he is and how they've all got his back. Even the President and First Lady are marking his achievement with public applause.

But why do I care about what this guy does in the privacy of his bedroom? And why should you?

Here's the message for young black boys; be gay and the world will beat a path to your door. With all the turmoil, death, incarceration, unemployment and mis-education happening in the black community, America is celebrating Jason Collins because he "chooses" to have sexual relations with a man. My God this country is fucked up!
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