Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Magic Johnson and His Son: Two Great Ball-handlers

By Xavier James

In this era of homosexual supremacy it is only the Negro mind that would make a male(not man) walk down the street wearing a fur coat and a pocketbook that doesn't even match, while holding hands with a white boy; all because he wants to be seen. The Christian would tell you that Magic Johnson is being punished for his former heathen NBA lifestyle. But he's not. However, the rest of Black America is-being punished that is. Every time we see a young, Black Male make an outrageous spectacle of himself, we all get nauseous. If he wasn't Magic Johnson's son he'd be just another ignorant "nigger" white folks can go laugh and point their fingers at.

A white man can be a gay pedophile all day long and you'd never know it until some child tells his mother about the inappropriate touching. But the Negro's need to endear and appease white folks and their homosexual agenda will go far beyond anything the white man could ever imagine. Take a look at Rock Hudson, you didn't even know he was gay until he was on his death bed. Lance Bass of  NSYNC came out as gay but still isn't wearing women's clothes in public. Someone needs to explain to Magic Johnson, E.J. Johnson and other gay black males that you can be as gay as you want to be, that's your business, but acting like a woman when you're clearly born a man, is less about homosexuality and more about insanity!


Magic Johnson: Proud Father or another Victim
of the homosexual propaganda machine?

E.J.-Missed Too Many Hugs From Dad
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