Friday, January 18, 2013

Hubris Led to Lance Armstrong’s Downfall

By Xavier James

Lance Armstrong shares the disposition of most white males, I’m entitled; the end justifies the means. So why is White America so mad at Lance Armstrong? He’s only doing what comes naturally. Anyway, was it me or did Lance Armstrong look coked-up during his Oprah Winfrey interview? His nose looked redder than Rudolph’s.

But here’s the real deal. Lance Armstrong is a textbook narcissist whose lack of remorse may seem repugnant, but a narcissist can’t feel remorse. They feel like God. And God is never wrong. Like all narcissists, lance Armstrong needed to control everything. Even his highly publicized confession was an attempt to control the conversation and have the last word. And believe me he had a financial incentive to telling the truth.

Lance Armstrong attacked, threatened, slandered and sued anybody who pointed a finger accusing him of doping. Ironically a majority of the people testifying about his doping were doping themselves, go figure. That’s called snitchin’. At any rate, if Armstrong wasn’t so dam greedy he never would’ve gotten caught. If he would’ve stopped at three or four wins they would’ve left him alone. But he won the Tour De France about seven times in a row. Then he retired, came back and placed third. Retired again, came back and placed 23rd. That’s the ultimate in greed. But think about it; power, lies, greed and no remorse- you voted George W. Bush into office twice for those very same traits.

Lance on the Hotseat

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