Friday, January 11, 2013


By Xavier James

The vanguards of blackness are at it again. First, they complain about the lack of  blacks represented in Hollywood. The white man allows a historical/fictional movie to hit mainstream America and NIGGERS still ain't satisfied! I like some of these brothers but dam, I don't recall any of them wanting to boycott 'Precious' or that bullshit 'For Colored Girls'. Oh, they didn't use the word NIGGER over a hundred times in 'Precious' or 'For Colored Girls', instead they just did Nigger shit! Which I guess is okay. Minister Farrakhan felt the movie would spark some kind of race riots. Well, if the truth is that unsettling -what will be will be. All these guys had the ability to put their own money together, without asking for the master's permission; and make their own slave movie and not use the word Nigger at all. How realistic would that be? Anyway, if you're scared a riot might break out, go home, jump in bed and pull the covers over your head.

 Black folks can only name one mainstream movie that depicts slavery....'ROOTS'; (no Niggers 'Mandingo' was not mainstream). Contrary to the stupidity of some of you, there are literally thousands of films about Jews and Hitler constantly and all we NIGGERS have is 'ROOTS'. You should compliment the WHITE man who at least tried to tell your story, when you sure as hell wasn't trying to tell it. Most of the people talking trash are ashamed of their slave history, want white folks to forget it and want black folks to stop bringing it up. How is that any different from a house Nigger?

No black director in the last 30 years has even attempted to tell a story about slavery, but you self righteous haters don't even know when someone has done you a favor. I've seen a lot of COONS (ZIP COON-LOOK IT UP!) run out there and praise your KING of COONS Tyler Perry for making black folks look like GOD DAMN idiots. Did you boycott that field nigger? Meanwhile, Whitey does a film that's historically accurate and just because he's white you down it. Name one historically inaccurate part of the movie? I'm Black and Native, and I believe this movie will at least lead or open dialogue for a generation of kids black and white who simply had no clue what slavery was like. I haven't heard any NIGGERS yet say one word about that bullshit 'Redtails' or 'LINCOLN' that the Jewish director put out there. But now you UNCLE RUCKUS house Negroes won't STFU about Django. Go figure.


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