Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Will Somebody Please Tell Quarterback Michael Vick To Stop Talking About Them Damn Dogs!


By Xavier James

After all these years and a new $100 Million dollar contract with the Philadelphia Eagles, veteran buck dancing field NEGRO Michael Vick is still criss crossing America flogging himself for fighting Pit Bulls. I like Mick Vick but Jesus Christ, last week Vick popped up on Pat Robinson's 700 Club looking like he was about to cry. I guess nobody told him that Pat Robinson hated black folks. In fact, Pat Robinson said Haiti was suffering because of their slave uprising. In other words God was punishing them for not being good slaves. The same Pat Robinson who had little African kids on their hands and knees digging for blood diamonds while using church funds to pay for it. The government made him ante up on that one. To this day Pat Robinson has never said a word about it. Meanwhile Michael Vick wants to go on his show offering more self loathing apologies. Robertson wanted Vick to grovel for his fellow Christians. Enough already! Dude move on with your life. You’ve served your time, paid your lawyers, made restitution, suffered humiliation and shown an abundance of remorse. They can't make you talk about shit you don’t want to talk about. You don’t see Robert Downey,Jr. still running around talking about how much crack he use to smoke.

What’s funny is that pit bull fighting wasn’t a bad thing until black folks started making money off it. White folks were fighting pit bulls for over a century before Michael Vick got involved. Jack Colby, the white man who bought pit bull fighting to America, made millions off Pitt bull fighting. He specifically bred his dogs to kill. In fact, Colby's own 2 year old nephew was viciously killed by one of his fighting dogs. The toddler wondered into the dogs cage and had his throat and spine torn out. The incident was covered up and The Colby pit bull, named after Jack Colby became the most sought after fighting dog in America. And there were scores of other Pit Bull maulings that people seem to have forgotten because Pit Bull fighting was Americas favorite sport before baseball came along. Colby never once said he was sorry. Now, black folks are the face of dog fighting. Why do Negroes continue to be defined by white lies? Jack Colby never once said he was sorry. In fact, they named a dog after him. So, Michael Vick, brother, for Gods sake it's time to get up off your knees!

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