Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Noah's Ark Story Can Only Make Sense To Children

By Xavier James

Oh my God….I’ve hurt somebody’s feelings! Listen, if Noah’s Ark and the Flood actually took place Christians will find themselves in a precarious position. You see, the flood was designed and carried out by God to cleanse the wicked earth of its sinful inhabitants. It was the cure all and end all; God starting all over again, so to speak. But guess what? It didn’t work. If it had worked God wouldn’t have had to then turn around and send his only begotten son (begotten by the way means he had sex with a woman) to die for our sins. So, God was wrong about the flood, which would mean God’s not perfect and the entire Christian doctrine is in trouble. Or the flood story was an outright lie, in which case everything that follows that lie is most likely a lie. Pick one, and hurry up; there’s a Jehovah’s Witness at my door.

……We must never forget that knowledge is power. A belief is not a fact; it is only a belief. Millions of people believed the world was flat, while a handful knew that it was round. Who was right? Millions of people believe the Bible is God's word, while a hand full of us knows for a fact that it is not.

No time machine is needed. However an airplane would be useful. Go to what was once called Kemet (Egypt) and see what your ancestors wrote on the walls for you. They wanted you to "know thyself." That was written thousands of years before the Greek known as Socrates stole it. In fact, it's still written above over a dozen places of learning; as is a lot of your Bible verses.

Fact: The Bible says God created Adam. He was perfect. God created Lucifer. He was perfect. God created Eve. She was perfect. God created the serpent, the most beautiful creature in the garden. It was perfect. But they all sinned and got booted out of paradise. That makes God 0-4 right? Only the Dallas Cowboys has a worst record. That should automatically tell you something is wrong.

Fact: Negro is the name the government gave you. It was and still is negative; meaning ignorant, uneducated and gullible. It derived from the brutal Portuguese slave traders. Don't take my word for anything I tell you. Look it up for yourself. Find out how Buddha was born and what his mother's name was. Look up Adonis and Krishna-All born centuries before Jesus Christ. More of the proof you seek lies within "The Book of Coming Forth by Day."
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