Friday, August 20, 2010

Turning A Blind Eye


By Xavier James

Why are people so unable or unwilling to distinguish between righteousness and those evil men who use religion to disguise their real aims? The unthinking Muslim or Christian would likely believe that his/her religion is being attacked rather then those conquerors and enslavers and pedophiles and con men and opportunists who disgraced it in covering their desire for wealth and world domination.

- Chancellor Williams, historian [Italics mine]

I’ve got a few questions for you to think about. If you knew the little boy who lived next door to you was being molested, what would you do? Would you call the police? Would you at least alert Child Protective Services? Or would you think it was none of your business and do absolutely nothing? What if it were your child? The one thing you wouldn’t do is protect the child molester, would you? These are the questions Pope Benedict XVI should have been asking himself. And now these are the questions you have to ask yourself about Pope Benedict XVI and the entire Catholic hierarchy. When I heard that a priest had molested over 200 little deaf boys I shook my head. When the New York Times reported that Pope Benedict XVI himself covered up the crimes I cringed. You see, it’s a known fact that pedophiles protect other pedophiles. In 1962 the Catholic Church galvanized the already centuries old practice of baring priests from turning other priests over to the authorities. Not only do they feel that they are above the law but that the bodies of the children left in their care aren’t worth protecting.

Can you imagine being an 8 year old deaf boy, who’s already being ignored and shunned by the rest of the world, trying to explain to an adult that your mentor and priest keeps pulling down your pants? Does the child reconcile this betrayal in his young mind by thinking he’s helping God? Does the priest tell the boy that he’s doing God’s work? Who knows? But one thing is for certain; no one was there who gave a dam- then or now. The crime was repulsive. The cover up was horrible. But do you still believe that these disgusting human beings ever represented God? In March of 2010, the Pope called the allegations “petty gossip.” But if you were to interview the 200 boys that father Lawrence Murphy molested, I bet you’d find that some have committed suicide, some are male prostitutes, and some think that they themselves are homosexual. I guarantee that most of them have struggled in relationships their entire lives; angry, full of distrust, in and out of jail. And quite a few I’m sure went on to molest hundreds of boys themselves. Petty gossip, I think not. I’ve seen numerous cases were a mother was charged for being an accessory to the abuses her husband committed against their children, while she watched and did nothing.

So how are Popes, cardinals, priests, bishops or evangelists above the law when it comes to raping other people’s children? These crimes against humanity have been going on within the Catholic Church since its conception. The hierarchy of this non-profit money machine has no ethics, morality, conscience or obligation except aiding and abetting fellow child molesters. But here’s a frequently overlooked fact; homosexual priests can’t prey on children if the children’s parents don’t let them. What does that mean? Any Catholic who allowed their son to be an alter boy knew the risks but ignored them. They put religion over the safety of their own children. Shame on them! Shame on them all!

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