Wednesday, August 18, 2010


You mean to tell me there's a word White folks can't use under any circumstances? What word is that; because it certainly isn't Nigger. White folks use the word Nigger all the time; they just don't use it around Black folks. Dr. Laura Schlessinger used the word Nigger 11 times during an argument with a Black women because that's what was in her heart. She was bold, angry and for a time, unapologetic. She wanted her White listeners to hear her and become bold enough to sing along. Everytime a high profile White person comes out of their mouth wrong, Black folks should hold them accountable. No excuses! I bet she wouldn't have been calling Jews anything other then Sir and Ma'am.

"Black guys use it all the time," she said. "Turn on HBO, listen to a Black comic and all you hear is Nigger."
I guess her mama never told her not to do everything she sees on television. I hear women call each other 'Bitches' all the time, that doesn't mean I should do it. Besides, quite a few Black folks don't want comedians to use the 'N' word anymore either. White folks invented the word NIGGER as a derogatory, hate filled, insult meant to psychologically do damage. Dr. "Quack" knew that but her arrogance was too blinding. And she'd been dying to say it on the air anyway. She saw her chance and took it.  Although Dr. Laura was using the 'N' word to make a point to a caller, her rationalization that Black folks use it all the time shows intent. Did Dr. Laura call it quits or was she forced to quit? Who cares, she was obnoxious anyway.
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