Friday, October 7, 2016

What's the Definition of a Sellout? Examine Your Favorite Celebrities


By Xavier James


Did you ever ask yourself how or why some black male actors became white America’s sweethearts while much better actors disappear into obscurity? Because they’re non- threatening and often use self debasing comedy- where the joke is always on them.


They don’t pose a threat to any community and no role is beneath them. They will wear dresses, simulate oral sex with other males, kiss other dudes or scream like b*tches. As soon as white supremacists give them money and fame, they leave their wives and get a white woman or a black woman as close to white as they can find. They don’t talk about politics, racial issues, homosexuality or religion.


Their agents give them strict orders to never protest or comment on issues that affect the black community. And some are even given money and lucrative business opportunities when they protect and defend white supremacist’s aggression against blacks.


Sadly, there are many of these black males who have literally surrendered their anus’ to secure movie roles and record deals. While others have turned their own children over to the pedophile rings that run the movie industry. It almost seems like a black coon playbook that you keep seeing over and over again, doesn’t it?


The Secret Behind Dead and Missing Black Americans: Where are they? Who took them and why?
by Xavier James


Exposed: The Most Horrible Atrocity White Supremacists Committed Against a Black Person in American History
by Xavier James

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