Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Send in the Clowns? Who are the Creepy Clowns


By Xavier James


Recently, there have been an alarming number of white folks dressed up like clowns and chasing children at bus stops, attacking unsuspecting pedestrians, threatening to shoot up schools, etc. And you want to know who they are and what the hell is going on, right? Well, the rash of clowns on the rise, are a generation of white kids who are considered nothing and will probably never be nothing; according to the “American Dream” connoisseurs.  


They are their parents disappointed failures turned terrorists, hate-mongers and anarchists. These young, white males are members of the largest, most prominent terrorist group in America. Ivy League whites call them young, white trash; now using clown make-up instead of Klan sheets.


These offspring of white parents who were forced to move back home with their own parents, are trump supporters; undisciplined, mis- educated work horses who don’t have a blue collar time clock to punch- because all the jobs have been outsourced.  


They are the Charleston church shooter Dylan Roof’s distant cousins who love Meth, loud music, kaos, Hitler, and hate speech. They are considered to be lower then Mexicans by law enforcement. They intend to cause fear in hopes of being noticed, being seen, and being relevant. Invoking fear gives them a rush of power, but at the same time excitement and fun. Outside of a clown outfit, they would no more be noticed then the average bums lying in the gutters of America.  


These white males who dress like clowns will not fit into any community because the American dream left them behind- when it died. So they drift together, trying to find purpose and blame the world for their financial instability and fading future.


But if you wash the mask of pain and hate off the face of these (rebels without a cause) clowns, you’ll find today’s young, white male underneath. Or you can call these disturbed anarchists by their new name – “young, white trash.”


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