Thursday, September 29, 2016

Be Careful Where You go to get Your Tattoos

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By Xavier James


I know you want a tattoo but you can’t just let anyone stick a needle into your dam arm. Here’s the Deal:


White Supremacists are using dirty ass, hepatitis and A.I.D.S needles to give black folks tattoos. Several years ago there was a white, redneck tattoo artist drinking at a bar. He saw an old friend of his who was also a tattoo artist, and they began to talk. Log story short, the drunk redneck told his old friend how he was using his own Hepatitis infected needles (yeah, he had Hepatitis) to give black folks and people he didn’t like tattoos.


Now, from what I understand the old friend alerted the authorities and they shut down that sick f*cks tattoo parlor. And no, I don’t know if he went to jail. But my advice: Always watch to make certain your tattoo guy unpacks a fresh needle; and I mean watch carefully. Second, don’t let hillbilly rednecks give you a tattoo; seriously. If you see crazy tattoos on their arms or photos around the shop of real wack-ass-sh*t like- pictures of Hitler, NRA stickers, Republican banners, signed pictures of David Dukes or Ronald Reagan, etc., get the hell out of there. Third, ask around the neighborhood, Google them and call the Better Business Bureau. Then check with the health department for complaints. It’s your body we’re talking about here.


Come on now, you know you don’t know

 these MOFO!



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