Thursday, June 23, 2016

What would the world have been like without white people in it?

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By Xavier James

Good question. And I'm one of the few people who will say it out loud. I look at the condition the world is in and the pathology of death that the people in charge keep creating. Congress holding sit-ins to prevent automatic weapons from getting into the hands of nut jobs and there are literally white folks fighting against that. Presidential candidates that simply aren't worth a F*ck, yet we are tasked with choosing between the worst of two evils. Then young, white rapists getting off Scott free by saying "boys will be boys." And let's not even talk about the police.  

 Several years ago they made a movie/documentary about what America would be like without Mexicans. They portrayed the Mexicans as needed domestic servants for white folks. The premise  was; who's going to do the jobs white folks don't want to do? You know, who would work in the fields, who would do construction, make beds, cook food etc? You already know the psychology behind that. But Mexicans seem to have a genetic disposition for low self esteem. The Mexicans didn't make a stink about the movie casting them as neo-slaves. Now what would America be like without Black folks? Hell, you already know. But let’s look at the facts: White folks are the only people in the world, especially America, who’s very survival depended on peoples of color; period. All the rest of the world’s citizens were getting along famously.

 It was the Moors who educated the Europeans, who at the time were sleeping in the bed with livestock and refused to take baths- causing diseases that led to the dark ages. Native Americans taught the white, savage invaders how to make it through winter. It was African labor and inventions that industrialized America. And you already know how they were repaid.

I know there wouldn't be AIDS, Ebola, Syphilis, POX of any kind, or Zika because there wouldn't be white supremacists here to invent or spread them. And forget about Cancer. There wouldn't be chemicals, toxins or other bio-hazards introduced into the environment or put into food that spread Cancer. No more holy wars because that Jesus Christ non-sense wouldn't exist. But again, today-I ask you, what would the world, especially America be like if white folks never came here?

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